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Let's Learn How To Think Outside The Box with Mark

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Mark Steckman about five random facts about himself, what inspired him to go into the marketing industry. Plus who would he love to have on his radio show and podcast. Check out my interview with Mark below:

Loryn: How do you think people should strategist their marketing during this particular time?

Mark: While the world shifts and changes around us, great marketing doesn't.  Being relevant to your target audience, consistent with your messaging and providing value 4-5x more than you are asking for sales is my year-round message to clients.  Of course, right now - that messaging should include what is important to your target audience safety, convenience, are definitely buzzwords that you'll hear and see a lot of, but its also important to NOT over do it with the covid19 marketing too much can be a turn off.  Be unique.

Loryn: Who would you love to have on your radio show and podcast?

Mark: I started the live radio show as a platform to provide value to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone who aspires to be one by talking about marketing, sales, operations, leadership, finance, and things impacting business.  Some of the guests I've had are small business owners, authors, motivational speakers, high-tech start-up founders, medical professionals, Hollywood actors, executives inside of Fortune 500 companies, and anyone with a story to tell that will resonate with our listeners across the country to teach, motivate and inspire.  That's what I aim to do personally and look for in guests.

Loryn :What inspired you to go into the marketing industry?

Mark: I've really always been a marketer.  As a kid, i memorized tv & radio commercials.  I loved commercials as much as the shows i watched and listened to- because back in the 70s and 80s - commercials were really all about the creative.  Today, I take that same approach to story telling for clients, to differentiate them from their competitors - and then of course incorporating all of the data available thru modern digital analytics.  Being the difference maker to turn an unknown business into a profitable thriving cash generating machine is so incredibly rewarding.  It impacts the owner, their employees, their families and even the community.  When businesses win, everyone wins.  That's what great marketing does.

Loryn: What are you currently working on?

Mark:My focus is on generating revenue for my clients, 100% of the time.  Using a variety of platforms - wherever the attention is.  In most markets that includes broadcast and streaming radio, Google ads, video pre-roll, digital TV ads (slingtv, plutotv, etc), organic and paid social media....and NOW - E-sports.  My company (Beasley Media Group) has taken a leadership role in the E-sports industry by purchasing ownership in 2 professional E-sports teams, and media outlets for gamers online and in syndicated radio programming and podcasts.  Our E-sports division (Beasley Esports) gives me the opportunity to incorporate what millions of American's are already doing - playing games on phones, tablets, consoles - and make that connection to brands and local businesses.  And with social distancing and the improvements in AI and digital delivery thru cloud, 5G, etc - gaming will only continue to grow larger and more important both for users and brands who want to be associated with them!

Loryn: What is something that not many people know about you?

Mark: As a young boy, I heard on the evening news that some university study indicated that classical music was thought to make you smarter so every night I secretly forced myself  to listen to the local classical music radio station on my transistor radio while laying in bed until I eventually fell asleep.  Ultimately it fostered a strong appreciation and love for music.  I'm not sure it made me any smarter, but it certainly did help me fall asleep as a kid.  Today, it's on in the background in my office during my workday.  

Be sure to stay updated with Mark Steckman by checking out his website : . Plus you can contact with his on all social platforms under the name Mark Steckman.

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