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Let's Learn How To Connect with Loryn

I've decided to take this opportunity to exclusively provide five random facts about myself. Check out these five facts below:

1. What is something not many people know about me?

Is that I was a huge book lover, until I started watching tv around fourth grade.

2. What inspired me to interview my LinkedIn connections?

I wanted to give people the opportunity to share their own stories.

3. Who would I love to interview next?

I definitely would love to interview Shay Rowbottom, Lewis Howes,Prince Ea, and of course many more .

4. What would I consider as my biggest accomplishment to date?

My job! I love that I get the opportunity to learn, grow, and lastly challenge myself.

5. What am I currently working on?

I am currently working on figuring out how to repurpose my interviews into podcast format hopefully!

If you'd love to be the next person to be featured on my website, please feel free to email me: .

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