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Learn To Hustle On The Side With Ruby Lee

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Side Hustler Expert and Entrepreneur Ruby Lee about ten random facts about herself, what inspired her to start her side hustle . Plus what the coolest thing she is currently working on. Check out my interview with Ruby below:

Loryn: What inspired you to create a side hustle?

Ruby: My side hustle began helping people write their LinkedIn profiles to get noticed in the job market (eventually I pivoted to business coaching). I really wanted to find a way to be more creative. I was told 'no' so many times at work that I eventually had to let the creativity out somewhere. The side hustle was a perfect way for me to grow and to explore what I loved outside of my job description. Soon I realized I could actually help a lot of people and earn on my own terms!

Loryn: What advice would you give those interested in creating a side hustle?

Ruby: 1) Do from a place of service FIRST, not from a frame of just making extra income. You'll get a lot further from this starting point! 

2) Next, make sure you're sure of your big ticket vision - is it travelling the world, treating your family to more experiences, creating a platform to change the world? From this place we create daily habits of success. Keep the faith, stay consistent and go for the big ticket vision.

Loryn: Where  has been your favorite place to travel ?

Ruby: Hands down Amalfi Coast, Italy. I lived there for 6 weeks last summer and it was so amazing. The views, the people, the FOOD was everything. The way of life there is so decadent but in the most laid back way. I can't wait to go back there some day soon, this time for 3-4 months!

Loryn: What is your favorite marketing conference to attend, or wish to attend?

Ruby: I haven't got a favorite at this stage. Suggestions welcome.

Loryn: Who is your favorite LinkedIn connection to learn from?

Ruby: My favourite? Oh my goodness... if the question is about learning - it'll have to be Gary Vee. But I have a lot of favourites and I'm so grateful for those who bring LinkedIn to life with their art and their gifts. It always puts such huge smile on my face.

Loryn: What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Ruby: Leaving my 9-5 job to go all in with my side hustle. Then a year after this, buying a one-way ticket to travel the world as full time digital nomads. This meant selling our primary home of residence, finding a place to store our things and deciding to travel with kids. RISK everywhere but the experience is one I'll never ever forget.

Loryn: What is the MUST SEE YouTube video or podcast to listen to?

Ruby: My entire podcast lineup is filled with incredible spiritual teachers and coaches. I personally love Lacy Phillips from To Be Magnetic who teaches on Manifestation. A must see on YouTube - anything Abraham Hicks!

Loryn: What is the best piece of advice you've received?

Ruby: Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right.

Loryn: What are you currently working on?

Ruby: I mean for me, I've always got something cooking with new upcoming courses, masterminds and fun ways to build connection with my audience. But from a personal development perspective, I've been working on my spirituality and mindset practices.

Loryn: What something not many people know about you?

Ruby: I am a concerto pianist! And I had aspirations to be in a world famous symphony when I was 15 :) 

What question piqued your interest most? Let me know in the comment section!

Be sure to stay updated with Ruby Lee by checking out her website: . Plus you can contact with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok under the name Ruby Lee.

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