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Learn More About Adam From The Podzcast

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview thepozcast host Adam Posner about five random facts about himself, who he'd love to bring onto his podcast . Plus what the coolest thing he is currently working on. Check out my interview with Adam below:

Loryn: What's a lesson you've learned from creating your own business?

Adam: I've learned that I need to trust my gut and my instincts. While I have mentors/advisors, the ultimate success of my business rests on my shoulders. Typically your first instinct is the right decision and I need to stick to it versus overthinking and over complicating it! 

Loryn: What would you consider as your biggest accomplishment?

Adam: Professionally, making the decision to build my own business and the dedication and focus I have to ensure it's growth and success. 

Loryn: Who is your dream guest for thePozcast?

Adam: My dream guest would be Howard Stern. I have been listening to Howard since I was 11 as he was a staple growing up in NYC. Over the last 14 years since his move to satellite radio, he has solidified his place as the best interviewer in the world. His style of conversational interviews and getting guests to open up has been a blueprint for my own style. 

Loryn: What something you are currently working on ?

Adam: During the pandemic, I am using my additional bandwidth to create a series of (almost) daily livestream shows that are more open, unscripted conversations. I am working on  editing these shows into "live" podcasts.  

Loryn: What is something not many people know about you? 

Adam: That I am a serious Lego-maniac. I have been since I am old enough to remember. I create sets with my 8 year old daughter and also create "adult" Legos during my free time. It is my ultimate stress relief and escape. For the past few years I have bought myself a special set for my birthday.

Be sure to stay updated with Adam Posner by checking out his website: . Plus you can contact with him on all social platforms under nhptalentgroup .

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