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Learn How To Take A Leap of Faith With Giovanny Camarena

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Giovanny Camarena to learn five random facts about himself and what advice he has for those that are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. Check out my interview with Giovanny below:

Loryn: What advice do you have for those who are afraid of leaving their comfort zone to follow their dreams?

Giovanny: It took me a long time to even take that leap of faith myself. I was a pre-med major sitting in a neurobiology class knowing that my heart was asking me to do something else. That leap of faith not only required me to change my entire major but tell my mother that I’d decided to leave medicine. A move that leads to me being cut off for 3 months. Taking that leap out of your comfort zone is always scary and always comes with risks. However, once you take that jump there are so many rewards waiting for you on another side. I really think each person needs to find that confidence within themselves to listen to their heart's desires. It’s not the same for everyone. Therefore, work on being in sync with your heart and mind. The rest will follow.

Loryn: Who do you consider has your biggest mentor?

Giovanny: I’ve always had trouble answering this question. It reminds me of the question “Who do you look up to?”. As an artist, we are taught by so many teachers and learn from so many different people. I’ve truly learned from so many different mentors who each have taught me different lessons along the way. Mentors come and go and present themselves differently throughout one’s career. It’s rare to truly find someone who believes in you and wants to grow you, at least in my experience. My biggest mentor has been the people I surround myself with. I try to absorb as much knowledge as I can while I can. That has truly taught me all I needed to know. It’s never let me down.

Loryn: What lesson has the entertainment industry taught you?

Giovanny: How imperative it is to know your self-worth. As an actor, we go through so many auditions yearly. Constantly facing rejection. One naturally begins to wonder if the rejection means you’re not cut out for the business. When in reality, so much goes into casting that we have no control over. It takes actors years to figure this out and create longevity. A teacher of mine said that the “Timmy Chalamet’s and Florence Pugh’s” of the world are so rare. If you’re in it for quick fame and success, this might not be the industry for you. It’s more of a marathon. Therefore, it’s my job to continue growing and learning, and absorbing. I know what I’m capable of, I just have to wait for everyone around me to catch up.

Loryn: What lesson has the pandemic taught you?

Giovanny: In school, my teachers always stressed the importance of content creation. In the midst of a global pandemic where free time was amplified more than anyone could have imagined, I truly learned the importance of this. You absolutely never know how one thing could lead to another. When you’re working a 9-5, maybe not auditioning as much as you want to, or going out for roles that you know don’t maximize potential, you really have to take the power back in your life and voice. Especially for BIPOC actors, there’s so much yet to be uncovered. We have a responsibility to continue to add our voice to the mix. Create that show, that music video, or that channel. We need you.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Giovanny: When I’m in the zone, I’m usually very quiet. I think this throws people off or leads people to think I’m angry about them. I usually just stare off into space and sit in silence and contemplate things for a while. People have told me I look crazy! But when I get an idea, I really have to think through it and begin to develop it in my head. Some artists do the opposite and talk out loud, write things down, but for me? I just shut down and sit there thinking. If you ever see me in person, and I’m doing this, I’m not upset! I’m just thinking about what's next or what I’m having for dinner.

Be sure to stay updated with Giovanny Camarena by checking out his website:

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