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Learn How To Make A Masterpiece with Alpha Stella Productions

I had the opportunity to exclusively interview Alpha Stella Productions about their vision for Alpha and more. Check out my interview with Alpha Stella Productions below.

Loryn: What inspired y’all to start Alpha Stella Productions?

Alpha Stella Productions: Growing up we both would encounter a lot of people with unique stories and their stories would go untold, or if they were told the truth was left out to fit mainstream media. We started to notice that this mainly happens with stories from communities of color. We wanted to be the voice for the voiceless and be able to tell their story in the most authentic way and bridge the gap between us and mainstream media. Especially, being a person living with a disability, I wanted to make a change for myself and others who live with hearing loss. I consider myself to be an alpha and I’m more than ready to break the limits of what people think I can’t do, as an entertainer, business owner, and martial arts artist. My co-founder, Kat, has also found ways to turn her passions into life-changing events, from her social media cooking app Homeys for food lovers to share their culinary dishes and recipes, to her love for real estate and interior design. We are two highly motivated people who won’t be denied. We are here to inspire and forever change the way stories are being told on the big screen. Alpha Stella Productions will encourage many to come forth and share their stories with us so that we can turn them into a masterpiece.

Loryn: What’s is y’all vision for Alpha Stella Productions?

Alpha Stella Productions: Close your eyes and imagine your story being told in a way that would make the audience feel like they were with you every step of the way. They were connected personally to the journey you had to take to get here. Your story is being told in a unique and authentic fashion, the way it’s supposed to be told. Now open your eyes and you have the vision of Alpha Stella Productions. Our job is to bring that vision to life and to be able to have it broadcasted on screens all around the world. We want our characters to be represented in the most dynamic way possible. The focus of a hearing-impaired character doesn’t necessarily have to be hearing loss. Characters of color do not have to be portrayed in stereotypical ways. We ultimately want to give a voice to the voiceless and those that have felt unseen and unheard in mainstream media as well as give actors of color and those with disabilities the opportunity to play these dynamic characters.

Loryn: What skills have y’all brought from being in the industry?

Alpha Stella Productions: From working on the set of some major projects (Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Shades of Blue, The Get Down, Wu-Tang Saga Series, Soul Santa, Godfather of Harlem) we both have learned what it takes to make a masterpiece. It starts with great leadership; my partner and I are both natural-born leaders and we both understand that no one person is bigger than a project. Everyone is treated equally, from the lead role to the background actor that’s crossing the street. We all need each other to make the project successful. We don’t let egos get in the way of derailing a project and we work hard to create a fun, safe, and healthy environment. Our philosophy is to work smarter in order to accomplish everything we set out to do. This is a marathon, not a sprint so we craft everything we do from our personal experiences. We live without fear and are always open to facing new or tough challenges that will take Alpha Stella Productions over the top. Hard work, dedication, and our determination to never give up are what make up our core value system and helps give us that competitive edge in this industry. `

Loryn: What projects do you have in store for the upcoming month?

Alpha Stella Productions: What’s next for Alpha Stella Productions is a short film called Control directed by Katherine Marie and written by me, Chauncey Johnson. Control is about a young father, Bryon, sitting in a therapy session as he opens up about his son starting kindergarten. As Byron projects his feelings to Dr. Givens about his son’s first day, he’s reminded of his own battles with the educational system. However, there’s something deeper lurking within him. As Dr. Givens tries to bring that out, Bryon sinks deeper into his darkness and is forced to look beneath his trouble with education to find out why he’s out of control. This film embodies our company for several reasons. For starters, I’m someone who struggled with education, and the theme of this project hits deep. During my youth, I never felt comfortable with school because I learn differently than others and my experience was discouraging. I believe that education is crucial in the development of our youth. So, within this project, we are touching on subjects that may seem taboo but are undeniably relevant. We focus on the vulnerable side of a man in a way that centers around his worst enemy…himself.

This production consists of an inclusive and diverse team, we have a female of color as our director, a female producer, actors of color, and a writer of color living with a disability. We all came together to make art that has a message on loss, anxiety, and education that represents the underprivileged. Control poses the question, how do you help your children and loved ones from falling into the same pattern and give them the tools for a well-rounded education. This is a film you must watch from beginning to end to get the answer to that question.

Alpha Stella Productions will continue to do our part to push the envelope to re-evaluate the current educational systems in place and make sure they are effective for all children, regardless of their location, background, or color. It’s unmistakable that history currently being taught is biased and undercuts the disenfranchised to keep them at the mercy of an entitled, high-society.

Control is currently being entered into numerous film festivals across the U.S. and abroad.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about y’all?

Alpha Stella Productions: If I was surprised by anything about me, it would be working in mobile marketing which allowed me to travel all over the United States. In fact, I have been to 42 states and over 100 cities in the course of 5 years. Setting up concerts, helping with free health screenings, and talking with people about cars. I’ve had a lot of odd jobs, but this one sorta takes the cake because I was paid to travel, interact with people, and got to see most of the United States on someone else’s dime.

My business partner, Kat, is an avid rower who started rowing as a hobby during the pandemic. She quickly took a liking to it and started taking it seriously, constantly setting workout goals and working hard to drop her split time and build up her endurance. To date has rowed 183,095 meters. Her best split time to date is a 1:59. She’s hoping to one day row on open water!

Be sure to stay updated with Alpha Stella Productions by checking out their website: .

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