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Learn How To Have Self- Discipline With Alan R. Rodriguez

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Alan R. Rodriguez to learn five random facts about himself and what is an interesting fact about himself. Check out my interview with Alan below:

Loryn: What do you like to do in between film/ tv roles?

Alan: I like to focus on my lines, maintaining the moment.

Loryn: What new hobbies/ or talents did you pick up during the pandemic?

Alan: I like to play the guitar, exercise, read.

Loryn: How do you mentally stay sane?

Alan: I stay mentally sane by having self-discipline, and focus on my observation.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Alan: Something people would be surprised to know about me, is that I know how to juggle.

Loryn: What career advice would you give someone in their mid-20's who is interested in taking a career in acting?

Alan: Make sure it is something that you are passionate about, train, and perform.

Be sure to stay updated with Alan R. Rodriguez by checking out his website: Be sure to follow him on social media :

TW: @AlanR_Rodriguez

IG: @alan.r.rodriguez

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