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Learn How To Get Fluent In Languages with Gabby

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Gaby Van Horn about five random facts about herself, what inspired her to go into her industry. Plus her biggest accomplishment. Check out my interview with Gaby below:

Loryn: What inspired you go in your industry ?

Gaby: My own frustrations as a language learner pushed me into the industry. Most books and courses end right when you can understand and be understood...but you can't explain your thoughts. Not being able to properly explain yourself, especially in English, can be the difference between getting an internationalopportunityor being passed over for someone who may have less experience but can speak English well. I want Clever Hybrids to fill that gap.

Loryn: What is the biggest misconception people have when it comes to

fluent language?

Gaby: Many people feel like once you pass a test or get to a certain level... you're done. Language learning is like physical fitness it requires methodical daily work to first maintain it and then keep growing. 

Loryn: What would you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

Gaby: Right now I'm working on my personal development and self care. I started a business, got engaged, moved to a new country, learned a new language, got married, got pregnant, had a miscarriage and am now living through a pandemic all in the past 18 months! During this pandemic and after my miscarriage, with my husband's help, I'm learning to take each day one at a time and not let fear of what might happen stop me from trying. 

Loryn: What is something not many know about you?

Gaby: Washington D.C. is the capital of the US but the level of education in its public schools is very limited due to several factors. When we moved to Maryland when I was in the third grade, just an hour away, I was so behind. I had just learned to add and subtract 3 digit numbers and they were doing long division. I had just learned to capitalize words and use periods correctly. They were writing reports with bibliographies. Many of my classmates treated me like I was stupid. I didn't belong. My two years in that area were miserable. By the 5th grade, I finally caught up when we moved to a new city in Maryland. Now I was the one ahead. I made sure I never treated anyone the way I was treated. Most of my new classmates were 1st generation Latinos. We spoke Spanglish together. They adopted me. I will never forget that.

Be sure to stay updated with Gaby Van Horn by checking out her website : Plus you can contact with her on all social platforms under the name clvrhybrds.

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