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Learn How To Embrace Your You with Rashida Brown

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Rashida Brown to learn five random facts about herself and what inspired her to produce the “Embrace Your You” Fashion Runway Show & Toy Drive. Check out my interview with Rashida below:

Loryn: How would you describe your collection in one sentence?

Rashida: Posh

Loryn: What inspired you to be a part of the “Embrace Your You” Fashion Runway Show & Toy Drive taking place in Dec?

Rashida: This particular runway show is a show that’s produced by me. Before covid, I was producing at least one charity-based show benefiting a non-profit every year. Anything that involves me giving back, my brand will always be a part of it if we can.

Loryn: What lesson did you take away from being a model when launching your collection?

Rashida: I wouldn’t say modeling played a role in launching my collection, but it did help me know what to expect from working with other models. What helped me most in launching a collection, was studying and doing the research on my own. I launched an apparel brand when I was modeling, this shoe brand came way after.

Loryn: Who do you consider your biggest fashion icon?

Rashida: Janelle Monae

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Rashida: Something people would be surprised to learn is that I can actually sing.

Be sure to check out JB Collection:

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