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Learn How To Be Resilient And Believe In Yourself With Ridg Downs

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Ridg Downs to learn five random facts about himself and what lesson has he learned from being in the music industry. Check out my interview with Ridg Downs below:

Loryn: What lesson has the music industry taught you?

Ridg: It has taught me how to be resilient and believe in myself above all the noise. Everything in my music points back to the songwriting so when I write a song I truly love and believe in, I know that regardless of how well it does, people will see the heart and soul in each song I have the privilege of releasing.

Loryn: What is a song you currently have on repeat?

Ridg: Black Hole by Griff. Griff is an artist I recently became acquainted with and I am absolutely in love with her. She has a lot of great songs I have on repeat like Shade of Yellow and Remembering My Dreams, but this song is the one I have on repeat. I especially love the chorus drop but the songwriting is impeccable. It has inspired a lot of my own songwriting as of recent and when an artist does that, I am hooked!

Loryn: What has been the most rewarding thing about releasing music?

Ridg: The most rewarding thing about releasing music isn't that initial day or two after the release, it's the month or so after when I get to talk with people who have listened to the music and tell me how it has affected them over a period of time. I also adore hearing people sing the music I have written. Something about someone else singing the words I wrote and recorded just strikes my core really deep. It's such a beautiful feeling.

Loryn: What do you hope to accomplish in the last quarter of 2021?

Ridg: I have a few more releases coming up this year which I am currently working on as well as rehearsing with my band. I am hoping to perform live and in person soon so we are working on that as well. Lots of cool things coming soon that I cannot wait to share with you!

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Ridg: I think people would be surprised to hear that I don't and never have drank coffee. In fact, my "coffee" each morning is going to the gym and when I miss my "coffee" I feel off, just like anyone who misses their morning coffee. But I do hear that it's Pumpkin Spice season ;)

Be sure to stay updated with Ridg Downs by checking out his website: . Also be sure to follow him on his social media platforms below:

TW: @ridgdowns

IG: @ridgdowns

YT: Ridg Downs

FB: @ridgdowns

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