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Learn How Something Simple Can Match Your Music Energy

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Something Simple learn five random facts about them and the story behind their name. Check out my interview with Something Simple below:

Loryn: Who is another music duo you'd all love to collaborate with in the future?

Something Simple: We'd love to collaborate with joan. We love their power indie-pop sound and were really impressed with their live performance when we saw them in DC.

Loryn: What's the story behind the name Something Simple?

Something Simple: Our first creative project was called 'Sunday Somethings', where every Sunday we would make... something. This could be a produced song, a live cover, or just a random video, all of which was made starting on Sunday and our deadline to post it would be on Sunday night. We only made 4 of them before we realized that we wanted to formally introduce ourselves as artists, instead of posting these videos casually on our personal Instagram. Once we made our first EP, we were ready to call ourselves 'Sunday Somethings', before finally landing on the name 'Something Simple'. We reintroduced 'Sunday Somethings' (3 years after the first episode) this year with 7 new episodes.

Loryn: What lesson have y'all learned from releasing music this far?

Something Simple: It's really important to remind ourselves to have fun with this project and not take ourselves too seriously. We used to work on songs and videos for so long until we thought it was perfect, and while we still strive for perfection, we're more comfortable releasing more content and moving on to the next thing because we love to create.

Loryn: What's one sentence to describe your music to fans?

Something Simple: Music with enough variety to match your energy at any given moment in a day.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about y'all?

Something Simple: That Something Simple really didn't start as a 'band'. As we alluded to in a previous answer, we started making short videos with a musical component attached, but we're not a 'traditional' garage jam band. We mostly started at the computer with composition and built out our studio tracks from there, usually beginning with an acoustic guitar. As we grew and more people wanted to hear our music live, we shifted our songwriting slightly to translate our sound to live shows.

Be sure to check out Something Simple website: . Also be sure to follow them on their social media platforms below:

IG: @somethngsmple

FB: @somethngsmple

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