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Learn How Preston Supplies Himself to The World of Music

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Preston C. Howell about five random facts about himself, what advice does he have for those interested in The Voice . Plus what's something not many people know about him. Check out my interview with Preston below:

Loryn: What advice would you give someone interested in auditioning for The Voice? 

Preston: Definitely to just go for it.  I hear a lot of people are afraid to not get picked so they don’t audition and you have nothing to lose to try.  Going in understanding it is a casting process and everyone is so talented can make it easier and so many people get cast in future seasons not even the one they may have auditioned for. 

Loryn:  What's the biggest challenge you've faced from becoming a singer?

Preston: Going through the male vocal change has been a challenge but also a motivator.  My voice dropped very early, started around 12 and then kept changing every few months.  I have sung in all vocal ranges and so finding what songs were best for me was different every few months.  Being a part of choir since elementary and then middle school really helped.  I saw a lot of boys my age quit because it did feel like at times I could no longer sing, but sticking through it during those difficult years is probably the best solution to that challenging time. 

Loryn: What do you consider as your biggest accomplishment to date? 

Preston: Probably standing in front of the 4 celebrity judges on the VOICE and singing my heart out.  I still can’t believe that happened.  It was something I had only thought of as a dream, I had never expected it would actually happen and that they would actually ALL turn around.  I am also very proud of my most recent song release where I collaborated with a team to raise awareness for teen suicide by singing an original song called Supply and Demand written by Bcuz and produced by Meggastan.  I am also working on writing my own original music with my brother Cleyton, so I have a feeling once we finish that it will take over being my biggest accomplishment.  There is no better feeling than to sing a song that you wrote and produced with your best friend.  

Loryn: Who is your dream collaboration? 

Preston: I would LOVE to sing with/work with Post Malone.  There is just something about his music style that I really like.

Loryn: What's something not very many people know about you? 

Preston: I am shy and a bit introverted.  People don’t believe that when you’re up front on stage in the public eye as an artist, but I have to work at putting myself out there.  And I could sleep ALL day lol.

Be sure to stay updated with Preston C. Howell by checking out his website : . Plus you can contact with him on all social platforms under the name Preston C Howell .

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