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Learn How Mark Screws Being Shy

I had the opportunity to interview Mark Metry about his book Screw Being Shy and his LinkedIn Course

Loryn: What are your thoughts when it comes to using video on LinkedIn?

Mark: To be honest with you, it comes down to what your comfortable with, and what your goals are. I personally do Live stream, which mostly for my podcast. Sometime making video makes me uncomfortable, I'd rather write stuff out.

Loryn: Have you've been able to resume speaking whether it be virtually or in person next year?

Mark: Yes, I definitely give virtual speaking which it's nowhere the same though. I have yet to receive an invitation for an in person event yet. However, I have a TEDX Talk that's schedule it's originally supposed to be like in the middle of March. It's still happening expect were all gonna travel go to the event site, gonna record our TEDX Talk, but there won't be an audience.

Loryn: When did you get the idea to launch Growcast?

Mark: I've been helping people, different entrepreneur companies start a podcast, the last several years, but I kinda did it one on one. Kinda similar like my LinkedIn Course, I was like I'm gonna start a podcast course that can teach people how'd do it, gonna be in depth and it's gonna be killer. I was working one on one for a while but I people/business that couldn't work with me because it wasn't feasible for there budget. The cost that was associate, but it actually cost a lot less money to take the course. I've been helping CEO's and all shorts of companies for the last several years, I'm gonna make a thing of it online where I can teach people regardless of where they are. I think I got the idea at the beginning of summer in like May or June.

Loryn: When did you first start using LinkedIn?

Mark: I remember using LinkedIn when I was a teenager, I didn't really use it. I kind of looked at it as like a career resume kind of thing. I think I made my first post either in 2016 or 2017, it was either sometime around there. I remember I had just made one post, but I still hadn't really posted that much. It really wasn't until I started my podcast in 2017 where I begin to post concisely . It was probably at the end of 2017-2018 when I started to get serious about LinkedIn .

Loryn: Did someone introduce you to LinkedIn organic reach, before you discovered LinkedIn organic reach yourself?

Mark: A friend of mine Quentin Allums, he's someone who really put me on LinkedIn a while back. I remember him telling me, Dude I talk to so many different people, I go on these podcasts, talk with these different people on LinkedIn that want to talk with me. People listen to my advice, and never end up doing it. He basically told me to go for it.

Loryn: Has there been someone that you haven't had on your podcast Humans 2.0?

Mark: Yeah, there's literally so many people. Gary V is one of them. Elon Musk, Jeff Frazier, J.K. Rowling there's all kinds of people who I want to interview. I've been able to interview so many great people there's still so many people to interview.

Loryn: What advice has someone that you've interviewed given you, that you remember?

Mark: A lesson I've taken away throughout all of this, is realizing that everybody is human, realizing everyone has moments of anxiety, everyone doesn't know what the hell is happening and there confuse, they don't know what to do.

Loryn: Do you have any interested in writing a sequel to your book Screw Being Shy?

Mark: Definitely! I don't know if it gonna be a follow up book specially for Screw Being Shy.

Stay updated with Mark Metry by checking out his website : Plus follow him on LinkedIn under: Mark Metry

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