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Learn How Lee Scales At Life

I had the pleasure to interview one of my LinkedIn connections Lee Gaul. I had the opportunity to learn ten interesting facts about him, what he would change in the world. Plus I got to learn about what he's currently working on. Check out my interview with Lee below:

Loryn: If you could have dinner with any LinkedIn connection, who would it be? If you have, who was it?

Lee:I'd have dinner with MKBHD (Marques Brownlee). He's my favorite tech reviewer and I've been following his YouTube for years. I love his attention to detail, his perspective on what is happening in the mobile space, and beyond. Plus his content is so slick. He uses Red Cameras and uploads very high definition videos. What I love is how I have been able to see the quality of his posts improve over the years.

Loryn: If you could change anything in the world what would it be?

Lee: There is so much injustice in the world. The way women and people of color are discriminated against is a major issue. I'd like to make the world much more of a meritocracy. Like Bernie says. the world shouldn't be fare just for the richest 1%. But there are a lot of systemic issues that have landed us here. I don't think real change can happen without revolution. So I'd like to see that revolution happen sooner than later.

Loryn: What's a great book you've read or listened to recently?

Lee:I just read Dune which was really interesting. It is a very popular science-fiction novel that I'm only now discovering. I've been able to apply some of the things that are in the book to my own life which I never really thought was possible. I liked Dune so much that I bought the entire series and am now 4/6 of the way through.

Loryn: What is the best piece of advice you've received?

Lee:That not everything is about me and that it is my choice to experience the world rationally or emotionally. Everything isn't happening "to me" even if it feels like that sometimes.

Loryn: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lee: I see myself in New York with my own business working with my main man Jarrett Thomas. Podcast host, content creator, business owner, consultant.

Loryn: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


Loryn: Who is your favorite LinkedIn connection to learn from?

Lee: Jarrett Thomas. He has shown me that all it takes is to do it. Don't think about what might go wrong, just keep moving forward. He's such an inspiration to me.

Loryn: What is your favorite marketing conference to attend, or wish to attend?

Lee: While it isn't really a Marketing Conference, I have always wanted to attend CES and plan on heading to the next one.

Loryn : How do you relax after work?

Lee: Get a drink, hang out with my family and friends, read a book, watch a movie. But really, I'm never off the clock lol

Loryn: What are you currently working on?

Lee: I'm currently evaluating new opportunities in New York. I've also got the podcast bug and want to pivot a bit into that space. Stay tuned!

What question spark interested to you the most? Let me know in the comment section! Be share to stay updated with Lee Gaul by connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter

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