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Learn How Jordan Is Living on Cloud Nine

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Jordan Gross about five random facts about himself, who what is his favorite thing about public speaking. Plus what he is currently working on. Check out my interview with Jordan below:

Loryn: Who is your dream guest that you'd love to bring onto your podcast?

Jordan: Definitely Mitch Albom! He is my favorite writer and storyteller, and I would love to learn about how he uses his gift to inspire the world! 

Loryn: What is you favorite thing about public speaking?

Jordan: I like powering through something that scares me. It’s a great feeling. Also, I love people chatting with me afterward saying what the talk meant to them. If just one person thinks or acts differently afterward, then I am truly honored. 

Loryn: What has been your favorite cloud nine moment?

Jordan: By far when my brother was accepted into medical school. I burst into tears. It was an 8-year journey but he never stopped. He always knew he could get in. 

Loryn: What something you are currently working on?

Jordan: What Happens in Tomorrow World? A short parable about navigating uncertainty. It’s a fun book about how we all respond to uncertainty in our lives. 

Loryn: What's something not many know about you?

Jordan: I actually don’t enjoy reading that much, and I hadn’t even written an essay in 5 years before writing my first book! 

Be sure to stay updated with Jordan Gross by checking out his website : Plus you can contact with him on LinkedIn under the name Jordan Gross.

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