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Learn How Grant Cardone Can Help You Grow Your Life and Business by 10x

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview the founder of Cardone Capital Grant Cardone about five random facts about himself, what failure has taught him . Plus who he'd love to speak at his 10X Growth Conference? . Check out my interview with Grant below:

Loryn: What’s a lesson that failure has taught you? 

Grant: I need to think bigger and if I don’t quit I can’t fail. Failing is just the cause of coming up short and not using the right combination of intelligence and effort. There are things in my life I have failed to accomplish but I am still haven’t quit.

Loryn: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs during this particular time? 

Grant: Is don’t go it alone and understand you will have to risk time and money 

to be successful. The fastest way to growth is to surround yourself with others who have done it already and put them on  your board.  Invest money to get access to those who have gone before you.

Loryn: Who is a guest you’d love to speak at your 10X Growth Conference? 

Grant: There are so many unbelievable people who represent 10X who I would love to speak at The 10X Growth Conference among them Rock, Sheryl Sandberg, Tom Cruise, Ivanka Trump, Will Smith, Dr Dre, JayZ, Kanye West.

Loryn: What is your advice for those whom are currently realtors  during this particular time?

Grant: Is to become the best in your field or get out of the game.   

The real estate game is being greatly affected by technology disruption and will continue to have both positive and negative effects on the agent and broker.  Get great or you will be punished.

Loryn: What is something not many people know about you?

Grant: Is what drives me the most which is the genuine desire to help others.

When I was a 10 years of age I wanted to help my mother and could not.  This urge to help still drives me today.

The best way to stay connected with Grant is by following him on social media under: Grant Cardone, also visit : for more information .

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