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Learn How Faith Anderson Takes Entertainment To The Next Level

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Faith Anderson about five random facts about herself, what advice she'd give aspiring musician . Plus what's something not many people know about her. Check out my interview with Faith Anderson below:

Loryn: What's a lesson you've learned about yourself this year?

Faith: I have learned to listen to my heart. This year I had to say goodbye to my Mother within one year of saying goodbye to my father. Since September 2019 I am experiencing my own personal pandemic of sorts and during this time I have not made one move that isn’t significant and meaningful to my heart, mind, and spirit. Every decision has been intentional. I have been living with an unusual purpose to ensure my mother was supported during her time of grief and ultimately into the presence of God. My Faith and discernment have reached new levels and I’m ready to take on my purpose in honor of my parents legacy and my own dream fulfillment.

Loryn: How have you been maintaining your music career during the global pandemic?

Faith: Music has been my sanctuary, Collaborating with Doobie Powell to produce a song that will encourage new beginnings, overcoming disappointment, and life above ground has been so rewarding, Heartbeat is a song to remind you to do yourself a favor a realize that as long as you have a pulse nothing is final or permanent. You can learn from your mistakes and use those lessons as a stepping stone into your future best self. We essentially created the theme song for moving forward. It’s the sound of a new life.

Loryn: What advice would give aspiring musicians?

Faith: This is an unusual time in our culture now that Covid is here. Creatives have historically managed their mental health through the outlet of music and performances. I would encourage any aspiring artist to study the arts but also learn how to shift during crisis and to build relationships that add value to their core values in addition to a network of working musicians who are achieving the goals they hope to accomplish.

Loryn: What's a goal you hope to achieve before next year?

Faith: I have achieved several goals prior to years end. - Brand Refresh - Website Launch - Execute Viewing Exclusive for Kirk + Tammy Franklin for OWNtv’s Behind Every Man - Record, Package, and Deliver Heartbeat to Market - New Client Onboarding What I hope to accomplish within the last few weeks of this year is my new product line of self care essentials to inspire out the boxing thinking and the execution of courage.

Loryn: What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Faith: Well once you get past my name most are surprised to learn that I am the 10th child of my parents 54 year marriage. I am the youngest and only daughter. My parents believed wholeheartedly that my mother would parent a daughter and continued to believe God for my existence. My birth had its challenges. My father said that when I was born I was not breathing and upon discovery he began to pray and ultimately surrender his life to Christ on the condition that I live. Once that promise was made I began to show signs of life and am here today, hence my name.

Stay updated with Faith Anderson by checking out her website :

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