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Learn About The Lesson's Life Has Offer Taylor

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Founder of FEAT Taylor Offer about ten random facts about himself, what social media platform you should be focus on . Plus what the coolest thing he is currently working on. Check out my interview with Taylor below:

Loryn: What's a lesson you've learn since creating your business?

Taylor: I've learned so many! The biggest thing I've learned is to control my energy. Never get too up or too down on anything. It is such a roller coaster you have to be level headed at all times!

Loryn: What advice would you give those interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

Taylor: Don't do it. Seriously don't. If you are the type of person who reads that and thinks "I'm still going to do it" you are crazy enough to succeed. If you read that and decide not to do it then you wouldn't have succeeded. 

Loryn: What advice would you give those who aren't interested in college?

Taylor: College isn't for everyone. If you aren't going to college though, you are putting a chip on your shoulder and you better be prepared to work extra hard.

Loryn: What marketing platform do you believe people should invest in?

Taylor:LinkedIn! It is so undervalued right now, you can get SO much exposure! I made a full course on how to dominate LinkedIn and get millions of impressions for free

Loryn: What are your thoughts on the retail industry, what change is needed?

Taylor: Every company needs to be Ecommerce focused first. They need a digital footprint and flawless Ecommerce experience.

Loryn: What has been your favorite podcast to listen to?

Taylor: Group Chat Podcast is the best podcast!

Loryn: What's an advice you've received and actually put into practice?

Taylor: Enjoy everyday. That's all that matters.

Loryn: Why do you believe people should build a personal brand? 

Taylor: It is your resume, it is you.

Loryn: What is something you are currently working on?

Taylor: I'm building Melrose Street Journal, a media company that will educate and entertain you! 

Loryn: What is something people may not know about you?

Taylor: I was once a background dancer in a Justin Bieber music video. You can see me on the right side of the screen at 4:35

Be sure to stay updated with Taylor Offer by checking out his websites : and Plus you can contact with him on all social platforms under the name Taylor Offer.

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