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Learn About The Influence Tech Has On Veena

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Veena Ramaswamy about five random facts about herself, what inspired her to become a tech influencer . Plus her biggest accomplishment. Check out my interview with Veena Ramaswamy below:

Loryn: What inspired you to become a tech influencer?

Veena: I’m a huge supporter of women empowerment and believe that women should showcase their talents at all times and strive to be successful in their career and in other areas in life by standing up for themselves, voicing their knowledge, and introducing new innovative ideas to the table. My overall mission in life is to empower women to become the best at that they do and to reach their full potential. Recently, after going through career pivots twice, I realized that I had a knack for data science and was passionate about unraveling the intricacies of the tech industry. I combined these two to align with my vision and values and it inspired me empower women to succeed in the tech sector. My goal is to encourage women to break the gender stereotypes and give them the moral support that they are capable of becoming a future excellent female leader. Their identity, creativity, perspectives, etc. are all valuable to each and every company and in the world and it’s our job to make them feel heard, seen, and loved. I would like to pave the right path for the next generation of girls to break that glass ceiling and to create change in tech sector.  As a tech influencer, I was able to connect and unite with 100K women to attend a conference, get inspired, and make a positive impact by making sure their voice was heard!

Loryn: What advice do you have for those interested in going into tech? 

Veena: Strive to keep learning something new every day. Acknowledge your competence and versatility and build resilience as you work towards achieving your career aspirations. I used the growth mindset by assessing what my core strengths were and took the time to develop several IT skills so that I could become successful in the tech industry. I always had that intellectual curiosity in attaining knowledge in concepts that I wasn't comfortable with or had no idea what it was all about. Be open-minded by being receptive to new ideas, concepts, and experiences. Learning is never-ending and you can always gain knowledge as much as possible at any age or at any point in your life.  Be on top of your game by keeping yourself updated about the latest technologies and concepts as tech is constantly growing and evolving. Be curious on how tech is linked to science and business they are all interconnected in so many ways. Take the time to analyze the whys, how’s, when, etc. Gaining more knowledge in various different subjects and fields can make you more open-minded which can allow you to bring innovative ideas to the table. Leverage your skills (interpersonal, technical, etc.) because the more skills you possess, the more attractive you are to employers as well as in personal matters. Keep reading books, browse through online catalogs, LinkedIn articles, etc. so that you can be up to date about the current events in life as well as in the corporate world.  Tech is exciting to work in because it can foster so much creativity, innovation, and curiosity. It’s one of the best fields for people who are hungry to think outside of the box using all of the emerging latest tools and technologies. You’re constantly learning and the more you dig for answers, you are able to spark inspiration and keep bringing new ideas to the table. 

Loryn: What lessons have you've learned from pre-launching your own business? 

Veena: I’m currently in the pre-launch phase for my business but some lessons I learned is to keeping being patient and persistent as entrepreneurship is a constant cycle trial and error. There are going to be a lot of hurdles but always keep your head high, learn from your mistakes, and embrace an optimistic approach. Also, it’s crucial to have superior time management skills and to practice discipline. 

Loryn: What's your favorite thing about speaking?

Veena: Speaking allows me to portray authenticity by sharing my personal stories and tips with everyone. I get a sense of happiness when I motivate and help people achieve their goals and dreams. It also allows me to enhance my confidence, form genuine connections, and add value to people’s lives to create change. 

Loryn: What's something not many people know about you? 

Veena: Apart from career and being a woman in tech, I’ve always had a desire to be a business woman and to start a company of my own. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur and I’m currently in the pre-launch phase of my online business called Beyoutifully Empower. I would like to inspire women to live their best life with purpose and fulfillment by providing insightful tips/advice, bountiful resources, and engaging courses/coaching to guide women in manifesting their dreams with a focus on personal, career, and leadership development. 

Be sure to stay updated with Veena Ramaswamy checking out her website : . Plus you can contact with her on all social media under the name : @thebeyoutifulgal.

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