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Learn About Tashe' The Money Mindset Coach

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Tashe' Allen about five random facts about herself, what inspired you to become a money coach. Plus who would she love to feature on her podcast. Check out my interview with Tashe' below:

Loryn: What inspired you to be a money coach?

Tashe': Everything that we were taught about money is a lie. Our ability to earn, attract, or generate money has nothing to do with how hard we work, what college we attended, or what certification courses we've completed. Society teaches money iq( budget, saving, investing & etc) but in fact in order to really thrive and have a healthy relationship with money it's all about our money eq ( money emotions).  After  drastically transforming my relationship with money I decided to reach other women the same principles.

Loryn: What advice would you give to people about maintaining their finance during this pandemic? 

Tashe': Do not take on other people's limiting money beliefs. Money is energy and its an unlimited resource. There is no need to focus on lack or scarcity. 

Loryn: Who would you love to feature on your upcoming podcast when it launches ? 

Tashe': My podcast is for high value women so I would definitely love to feature other high value women.

Loryn: What do you consider as your biggest accomplishment?

Tashe': My biggest accomplishment is actually very small. I aspire to inspire women to step into their power daily. And each message, text, or call I receive from a woman stating that I inspired her to do something is a big accomplishment for me.

Loryn: What's something not many people know about you? 

Tashe': I am a winemaker .

Stay updated with Tashe' Allen by connecting with her on LinkedIn. Plus follow her on Instagram @secretsofhighvaluewomen.

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