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Learn About Marketing Your Business With Tyler

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Tyler Burch about five random facts about himself, what inspired him to go into B2B industry . Plus what's the biggest risk he has ever taken. Check out my interview with Tyler below:

Loryn: What inspired you to go into B2B industry?

Tyler: I think B2B allows for more differentiation and less market saturation. When I contacted BoardActive, I had already taken a look at their platform and felt that there was room in the market for what we were doing. 

Loryn: What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

Tyler: The biggest risk I have taken was actually taken about a month ago! I was negotiating a referral partnership that I felt would help our company move forward and increase the value we offer to our prospects. When I brought it up for final approval, I had trouble pushing it through because in the worst case scenario, we would be on the hook for about $2,000 if we didn't manage to refer anyone. In order to get the deal approved, I offered to cover the worst case scenario with my own salary. When I really believe in something, I am willing to double down on it in order to move forward. 

Loryn: What's a podcast that you listen to?

Tyler: I love podcasts, especially in the business world. I listen to How I Built This, which is founders telling their story and giving advice about starting your own business. I listen to HubSpot's podcast, which has helped me to learn some CRM and sales ideas. I also am starting to listen to The SaaS Podcast, which I am hoping will allow me to better understand my industry, product, and competitors.

Loryn: What is something you are currently working on?

Tyler: I am currently working on our demo process and sales cadence. I think that we can increase our sales velocity if we improve those elements because our sales cycle will shorten and our win rate will increase. Most people try to focus on generating more leads and demand, but those other two elements are often untouched, making them easier to improve than trying to improve your lead gen strategies for the 4th quarter in a row.

Loryn: What is something not many people know about you?

Tyler: Not many people know that I enjoy immersing myself in a lot of different critical thinking exercises. They span a long range from chess and card games to pricing strategy and workflow optimization. I am convinced that putting your mind in different situations and perspectives that seem to have no relation to what you are doing can often give you wisdom and insight about seemingly unrelated topics like B2B marketing.

Be sure to stay contacted with Tyler Burch by connecting with him on LinkedIn under: Tyler Burch.

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