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Learn About Life and Finance with Max

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Max Pashman about ten random facts about himself, what inspired him to work in finance . Plus what he is currently working on. Check out my interview with Max below:

Loryn: What inspired you to work in finances?

Max: Always loved working with numbers. But I’m deep down a people person that cares for others. When I realized financial planning was based off those two factors, it had my heart from there on.

Loryn: If you could solve all financial problems , how would you do it? 

Max: Tackling it down with the resources I have and then presenting the solution to the world in the form of simplicity. Finance is a tough job, but that doesn’t mean we should withhold all of its valuable information. The world should be aware of these problems and what we are doing to approach them.

Loryn : What's a great book you've read or listened to recently?

Max:Just started reading Black Swan. Seemed fitting given our current economic climate right now!

Loryn: What is the best piece of advice you've received?

Max: Making decisions without emotion. As much as we are eager to decide with our hearts, it’s with our minds where our best decisions come from.

Loryn: What is your favorite marketing conference to attend, or wish to attend?

Max: I haven’t been to many marketing conferences. But I do love a local meet up. It feels more meaningful sharing stories and exploring opportunities with a concentrated group rather than finding a small fish in the ocean.

Loryn: What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Max: Taking the job I have now. As a financial planner, we work with our network which means starting with our family and friends. Why is this risky? Because I’m putting my relationships with the people I care about on the line. And that’s what comes with the job. You are either 100% in it or out. Thankfully, I ended on the right path with it.

Loryn: What is the MUST SEE YouTube video or podcast to listen to?

Max: Freakanomcs Podcast. It is my absolute favorite that dives into unexplored areas that really opens your mind about the world. The best one is “Should America Be Run By Trader Joe’s?”.

Loryn: What is one thing you can’t live without?

Max: In N Out. I’m a pure Southern Californian so that is embedded in my blood.

Loryn: What are you currently working on?

Max: My CFP designation. I’m excited to finally work on it as I have been planning this moment for years.

Loryn: What something not many people know about you?

Max: I used to be a resident DJ. Surprises people when they see my LinkedIn picture all professional!  

Be sure to stay contacted with Max Pashman by connecting with him on LinkedIn under: Max Pashman

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