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Learn About Jedidiah Journey From NFL To Finance

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Jedidiah Collins about five random facts about himself, his advice for those in a finical crisis right now. Plus his biggest accomplishment. Check out my interview with Jedidiah below:

Loryn: What have you've learned about yourself  during this pandemic? 

Jedidiah: This time has showed us a very clear picture of how we choose to use time. When we were all given an invaluable resource the question became, 'What will you do with it?' It has shown me that I am not one to pass up an opportunity. This may come from my upbringing or my time as an Undrafter Free Agent in the NFL, but what I know is that I must always take advantage when given an opportunity. In this time - published Your Money Vehicle, started podcast Rookie to Veteran, organized a 30 day financial literacy challenge hosted by 30 different NFL players, filmed and launched Money Vehicle virtual course, wrote my next book Rookie to Veteran, developed the skill of delivering virtual workshops, taught one daughter to read and the other to ride a bike, and learned to make pancakes.

Loryn: What advice would you give those going through a financial crisis right now? 

Jedidiah: There is no better time to empower yourself. This begins by investing in yourself and learning a news skill. This skill could be foundational like financial education or strategic like something in the digital world. But my advice would be to begin developing a skill. Then start a plan. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is today. So as we all are dealing with challenges and hurdles around our finances, now is the best time to begin your plan. What streams of income do you have and can you find a new one? What are your monthly expenses and are they in line with your goals? Have you reviewed your debt and prioritized which to attack first? Who is in need of more help than you and how could you help them? No one can predict what will come next financially or socially, but you can be prepared for it!

Loryn: What do you consider as your biggest success? 

Jedidiah: Financial Literacy has always faced big hurdles, the message was not being delivered in an easy to understand format and it was not being delivered through an easy to distribute medium. These were the challenges I faced in 2008 as a rookie in the NFL. Seeking out this knowledge on my own, I came to realize there was some great generalized knowledge but little specialized knowledge. How could you create a plan for the masses and empower them to begin their financial journey? This is what I am most proud of in creating the Money Vehicle Virtual Course. In the course we have addressed the issue of money being overwhelming but teaching the curriculum through stories and analogies that everyone will understand. Next we approached the issues that few will read a book and there are not enough live teachers to be in enough classrooms across the country. With today's technology we were able to create on demand videos in a sequential order that answers the first 10 questions one will ask about money. Not merely focusing on investing, but addressing a holistic perspective of money that comes with the knowledge of a Certified Financial Planner. Money Vehicle is a course that should be in every high school in America and what I am most proud of is that we have the platform to accomplish it!

Loryn: What advice would you give your younger self? 

Jedidiah: One of the best pieces of advice I have received is 'If you are not embarrassed by your first draft or version, than you waited too long. My advice would be to stop fearing failure and start!! Do not worry about what others will say, or what the problem around the corner it, there will always be these elements. Failure will always be a part of your journey and once you adopt the mindset to see it as the best feedback you could ask for, you will be on your way. Nothing great has been created in your comfort zone. Take a leap and challenge yourself to start taking the risk. Never let the fear of failure outweigh your fear of regret! 

Loryn: What's something not very many people know about yourself? 

Jedidiah: Race has always been an interesting aspect of my life. Growing up looking like the typical Southern California surfer has cast me as a white person. But my family is mixed. My father is Creo and I have always considered myself as half black and half white. 

Since I was a child the percentages and specifics of my heritage have become more of a  discussion, but truly my identity has never changed. What people do not see if a lens that I have the good fortune to look at life through, one of understanding and one that introduced me to a world few are able to transcend. I have experienced racism indirectly, both in my own family as well as in the community. Those who do not believe it exist refuse to open their eyes. Those who do not believe someone like me can experience it have not been to my family reunions. What I want people to know is that race is unique to me and to each of us, but in the end it can define who you are but should not define who you think other people are. 

Stay update with Jedidiah Collins by visiting his website: Be sure to connect with him on social media: @fullbackoffinance and on LinkedIn under : Jedidiah Collins.

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