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Learn About How Ish Keeps Getting Things Done!

I had the opportunity to reconnect with Ish Verduzco to learn about his past roles with Snap, Inc. and LinkedIn, plus I got the chance to receive an inside look of his book Get Ish Done. I encourage you to check out my interview with Ish below:

Loryn : What inspired you to work at LinkedIn and Snap?

Ish: I like scale, and um in terms of like technology, I have liked social media since I was uh since MySpace came out basically. So when I got to college, I started thinking about what I wanted to do when I graduate and so of the companies that I thought of, they were all technology companies. They were all like social media companies itself. I think around nineteen or twenty it was Snap, then around twenty, twenty-one it was LinkedIn.

Loryn: Do you have a particular genre you love to play or won't play as a DJ?

Ish: Yes I am a Latino, but I also infuse Latin music in any set that I DJ. All my sets always have like some Spanish flavor, Latin flavor in them.

Loryn: Have you've actually been able to interview the celebrities you mention in your book?

Ish: No, I wish. I wish. I mean there's tons of people that I wish I could've interviewed. A lot of them I've studied from afar.

Loryn: What would you say you should improve in the future if you write a new book?

Ish: I have a lot of personal feedback for myself that I think that I could improve next time. I've never been a really good writer or great at reading or loved reading growing up. Really over the past cupule years, I've actually been more attracted to reading self development. So one of my biggest weakness from writing the book, was I'm not a strong writer, and it's really difficult to write a book when your not a strong writer. I think I did a good job cause I built a good team. I hired an editor to walk me through the entire process, and it helped me multiple times. We did seventeen reviews of the entire book. When I first published the book, it wasn't a 100% of the quality that I wanted. I probably should've waited a couple of weeks , then give it another review with a new editor. When it's feedback from somebody who I like trust or from somebody who knows what there talking about, I take it really seriously. Don't rush the process, and bring people on board with you that are gonna help you put out the best product possible.

Loryn: Is your book Get Ish Done only available in e-book and paperback?

Ish: Yes definitely, I wanna do Audible to, but that's gonna be another project for another time.

Loryn: What's your next step for your podcast Get Ish Done?

Ish: I'm going to revamp it. I think I'll switch it up a little bit. When I bring it back, I want to bring more women, cause it's all men that I interviewed. So definitely bring more power. Powerful women to tell stories, make it more storytelling and less interviewee.

Loryn: What inspired you to create your own clothing line?

Ish: What I imagine in a couple years, I have multi channels business, and one of them is clothing, and it's modeled after Nike brand. It's clean, it's simple.

Loryn: Would you say you have a vision board, business plan, or a combination of both?

Ish: It's more like a spreadsheet, Google Documents. It's like a five page Google Doc that outlines all of the business that I wanna have in the next couple of years, and how I'm gonna do it. It's more like a vision board in doc format so that I can constantly be updating it and adding to it.

Be sure to stay updated with Ish, by following him on all social media platforms. Plus be sure to check out his book on Amazon.

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