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Learn About Claude Silver The Heart of Vanyermedia

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Claude Sliver about five random facts about herself, what inspired him to become a website designer . Plus learning an interesting fact about Claude. Check out my interview with Claude Sliver below:

Loryn: What advice would you give to young professionals who are seeking employment during the pandemic?

Claude : As with any time young professionals are seeking employment, it's really important to communicate with your network that you are available and looking. You really never know where an opportunity might come from and by casting out a wide net and spreading the word about the fact you are open, you are enabling more things to come to you. Of course the traditional resources such as LinkedIn or even recruiting firms can be helpful so continue doing that as well. Another great thing for young professionals to do is network. During the pandemic, there are tons of great virtual events taking place. Find some with topics that really appeal to you the industry in which you want to be working and join in. During breakout sessions, don't be afraid to speak; even in bigger sessions, don't be afraid to ask questions. This is how you can get noticed.

Loryn: How can HR specialists provide their employees with empathy during this pandemic?

Claude: Checking in with their people regularly during WFH is really valuable. Making 15 minute appointments with each individual and begin by just asking how they are. And listen...really listen to their response and hold space for them to communicate their circumstances, their frustrations and pain points... and also encourage them to talk about some of the positives they may have experienced -things they are grateful for. Try to meet them where they are. If they're having a hard time juggling a work/life balance, sympathize and perhaps suggest some ways in which they could ask for help, delegate or carve out some personal time. One of the things we have implemented at Vayner is mindfulness meditation. It's through a company that we are working with, based in New York. They have an online platform and you can do your own program. But then you get to meet with a coach, live. I've been doing it now for many weeks, which is one of the things that really helped my own health and wellness and helped me get to equilibrium again, healthy equilibrium. It's anonymous. You can go in and you can talk about your career, your love life, your spirituality, your family life, you can talk about anything. It helps everyone feel heard and really release a heaviness sometimes we don't even realize we have. 

Loryn: How do you help employees grow and evolve at Vanyermedia? 

Claude: I listen, network them with amazing minds, get them involved in L&D programs, run 1:1 coaching sessions with them.....

Loryn: How would you avoid putting a label on employees? 

Claude: Fostering a culture of inclusivity. Allowing for people to feel that when they are at work, they are in a safe space in which we are a team working together for a common goal. It's not about the focus on a particular individual and making sure they're defined... rather, it's giving them space to be their best self and bring the value that each person intrinsically has out to contribute to the greater purpose/goal/good of the company. 

Loryn: What's something not many people know about you? 

Claude: I owned an adventure and surf company called Girls Adventure Out from 2002-2005 in SF, California. I taught surfing in the cold Pacific Ocean coaching 275 days a year.

Be sure to stay updated with Claude Sliver by checking out her website: . Plus you can contact with her on all social platforms under :@claudesilver .

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