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Learn About Brad Cohen The Man In Front of The Class

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Brad Cohen about five random facts about himself, what is his biggest accomplishment. Plus what he has learned since being a teacher. Check out my interview with Brad below:

Loryn: What's an advice you've been given that you've put into practice? 

Brad: Since I was a kid, I've always been taught to have a positive attitude. I often make the choice to keep that positive attitude rather than being that person who always has a negative attitude.

Loryn: What's a lesson you've learned from being a teacher?

Brad: The biggest lesson I've learned from being a teacher has been the difference we make.  I've realized that all it takes is for one person to make a difference in the life of a child.  I never want to pass up that opportunity.  When other teachers say I don't want to deal with a tough kid, I say give them to me, I want to be their teacher.  Every child deserves the very best teacher they can get.

Loryn: What's your biggest accomplishment to date?

Brad: My biggest accomplishment in life was being named the First Class Teacher of the Year for the state of Georgia.  Growing up with Tourette's was never easy.  It was more difficult when I was interviewing to become a teacher.  I had principals telling me I could not be a successful teacher because of my Tourette's.  Winning this award proved them all wrong and reminded me that I could find success in teaching despite my challenges in life.  

Loryn : What advice would you give those who have Tourette syndrome?

Brad: My advice is to never give up!  I could have given up so many times, but then my Tourette's would win.  I never wanted my Tourette's to win.  I try to be a role model for so many people out there to show them if they don't give up, then they can follow their dreams much like I was able to follow mine to become a teacher.

Loryn: What is something not many people know about you?

Brad: I was the mascot for the Atlanta Braves baseball team.  I ran around Turner Field cheering for the Braves!

Be sure to stay updated with Brad Cohen by checking out his company website : . Plus you can contact with him on Twitter under the name : @FrontoftheClass.

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