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Take The Perfect Photo Shot With Zusha Goldin

Every picture tells a story, I recently had the chance to exclusively interview photographer Zusha Goldin about ten random facts about himself, the thing he can't live without . I also had the chance to learn about his latest portray he's working on: Moving from NYC to LA . Check out my interview with Zusha below:

Loryn: What is the best piece of advice you've received?

Zusha: Don't be nasty to someone just because they were nasty to you. Don't judge them in their worst moments.

Loryn: What inspired you to become a photographer?

Zusha: I've always loved photography and since I was a child I had a collection of crappy point and shoots and disposables.

Loryn: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Zusha: I'm definitely a night-owl. I'm a nocturnal being. I thrive in the evening. I'm actively training myself to adapt a proper sleeping schedule.

Loryn: Who is your favorite LinkedIn connection to learn from?

Zusha: To be honest, I really can't say I have one. The people I have met on LinkedIn have added so much into my life and I appreciate everyone, truly.

Loryn: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Zusha: I'm definitely an extrovert. As with everything in life there is a balance. Contrary to many others, when I'm in the mood of seclusion I'll go to a public place and put in earphones with my favorite Thomas Bergersen song and that's my break from people.

Loryn: What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Zusha: : The biggest risk I've ever taken was just being honest and authentic with myself. Realizing that as a person it's OK to not be perfect. It's OK to mess up. It's OK to always be on a learning journey. Aren't we all? On a learning journey in this thing called life?

Loryn: What is one thing you can’t live without?

Zusha: One thing I cannot live without is definitely my family. Or my phone

Loryn: When have you been the happiest?

Zusha: So I believe happiness truly does come from within. We won't ever be content if we have millions of dollars, fame or fortune. We need to be grateful with our lot and that will transform our lives. Mind you, when I say be grateful with our lot I do not mean to just not work toward any greater goals. I mean to strive to become that millionaire (If you so choose to do so) but definitely understand your privilege and how good you have it. Realize you need to be grateful for all you have.

Loryn: What something not many people know about you?

Zusha: Not many people know that I genuinely want the best for everyone. I legitimately, If I could, I'd put a spell on the world for every single individual to have it all. I love seeing people succeed! It inspires me, motivates me and fills me with joy to see others being lifted up.

Loryn: What’s the coolest thing you are currently working on?

Zusha: I'm currently working on my move to the LA region March 1st! I'm really just networking and connecting with various individuals in the entertainment industry and I'm really excited for the new horizon!

What question spark interested to you the most? Let me know in the comment section! Be share to stay updated with Zusha by checking out his website, plus book an appointment: Plus be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him o Instagram

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