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Learn How Willam Stewart Is Standing Still During This Pandemic

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview William Stewart about five random facts about himself, what inspired him to create Hollywood North Radio . Plus learning an interesting fact about William Stewart . Check out my interview with William below:

Loryn: What inspired me to create Hollywood North Radio ?

William: What inspired me to create Hollywood North Radio was, working in different fields in the entertainment industry. I began to notice there was a lack of promotion for the people who weren’t the stars or weren’t the headliner. Then realizing the arts has so many levels to it. It takes so many people to make film and television, but what about the day player, recording artists just wanting to hear their song on the radio, someone starting a business or wrote a book, made me realize that, everyone as a story to tell.

Loryn: What have you've. learned about yourself during this global pandemic?

William: I learned compassion, that life throws you curveballs and what will you do to adjust. I also learned mental health is so important and valuable.

Loryn: What is a professional goal you hope to accomplish this year?

William: A professional goal for me this year, is to take on roles that challenge me. The roles that might make me think outside the box and bring a character to life that is the total opposite from myself.

Loryn: What is your prediction for the entertainment industry this year?

William: My prediction for the industry this year is, it will produce 65% of projects this year. It will figure out ways to continue to test and keep cast and crew as safe as possible on and off set. We are seeing more productions focusing more on animation, which is a great way to social distance your actors and crew, yet still be able to keep people working and also deliver a product for consumption.

Loryn: What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?

William: One thing people might be surprised to learn about me is.... Outside of acting, writing and creating, I am now looking forward to creating Apps and things that I can create with solar energy in the future.

Be sure to stay updated with William Stewart by following him on Instagram:


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