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Learn How Will Powers Through Life

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview self-published author and podcaster Will Holdren about ten random facts about himself, what inspired him to become an entrepreneur . Plus what the coolest thing he is currently working on. Check out my interview with Will below:

Loryn: What is the best advice you've received ?

Will: The best piece of advice I have received has come from my parents. Also be respectful to everyone. You never know a person's background, what they have been through, or who they will be in the future. Being respectful can take a person a long way in life.

Loryn: What inspired you to become a entrepreneur?

Will: love being called an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur means not being afraid to act on your wildest dreams. So for me, I was inspired to be an entrepreneur to make my own path, and to help others along the way. So many people go through life with blinders on, only seeing what is in front of them. If these people took the blinders off, then they could see what can actually happen in today’s society. I think that everyone has an uncommon passion that they can act on to be considered an entrepreneur.

Loryn: What is a piece advice you would give to those interested in starting a podcast?

Will: I love this question because so many people are starting to host a podcast. I think this is great because of the opportunities that something free can get you. I would recommend starting with Anchor and recording with Zencastr, which is free to use.

Loryn: What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?

Will: The biggest risk that I have ever taken would be when I self-published my book, Becoming the Best. This was a risk because it cost a decent amount of money to self-publish and I didn’t even know if anyone would buy it. However, glory to God, my book was a success when it was released

Loryn: What keeps you up at night?

Will: Something that keeps me up at night is knowing that so many people never know what they are truly capable of. Even in my life, it is so hard to go against societies norms and to just go and do what you love. I know one thing, and that is I am going to figure out what my potential is.

Loryn: What fad or trend do you hope comes back?

Will: Honestly, I hope that 80s music comes back into popularity. Nowadays, rap music is deterring kids from what real life really is. Rap is influencing drug use, alcohol, etc. So, I hope that 80s music makes a comeback.

Loryn : What is your favorite marketing conference to attend, or wish to attend?

Will:I would have to say the Obsessed Conference by Evan Stewart because I know him personally, and he is a real dude. He is a strong christian, and he really wants people to walk away with a strong sense of meaning.

Loryn: What’s the coolest thing you are currently working on ?

Will:I am currently working on starting up my own conference for the summer of 2021. This is the first time I have said this publicly, but be prepared for the WillPower Conference coming soon!

Loryn: What's something not many people know about you?

Will:People may not know that I am a senior in high school, but more importantly, people may not know that I have started an online advertising company that failed within a year. I actually got an LLC for it too, which was expensive. However, I was never able to make any money.

What question provoke interested to you the most? Let me know in the comment section!

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