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Learn How To Work Hard With Maddy Lee Ann

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Maddy Lee Ann to learn five random facts about herself and what inspired her to become an actress and model. Check out my interview with Maddy Lee Ann below:

Loryn: What lesson have you've learned from being a young actress?

Maddy Lee Ann: I have learned that hard work and persistence is the key to being successful. You will not fit every role, so you just have to keep trying and auditioning while improving your craft.

Loryn: What inspired you to become an actress and model?

Maddy Lee Ann: The idea of modeling has always been something I wanted to do. When I signed with my agent when I was younger they suggested I should also try acting. I took an improv class and loved it. That same year I was an extra in a local Indie film and I was bumped up to a large role. I loved the experience and couldn’t wait to take more classes and audition for more roles.

Loryn: Who is an actor or actress you would love to work with?

Maddy Lee Ann : I would love to work with Zendaya. I started watching her when I was really young and I have always admired her abilities as an actress.

Loryn: What new hobbies/ talents did you pick up during the pandemic?

Maddy Lee Ann: During the pandemic, I started makeup zoom tutorial parties for young kids. I would pick a theme and then the colors we were going to use. I invited kids ages 6-10 to join the parties with their parents. I also started making more short video content.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Maddy Lee Ann: When I was 15 I was a blogger for two different companies. I wrote about the latest trends in fashion and in makeup. I also wrote my own blog on I think people would be surprised to know I’m actually an introvert who loves science and will be graduating high school this fall semester early.

Be sure to stay updated with Maddy Lee Ann by checking out her website: . Be sure to follow her on her social media platforms:

IG: @maddy_lee_ann

YT: @Maddy_lee_ann

TW: @maddy_lee_ann

Tiktok: @Maddy_lee_ann

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