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Learn How To Work Hard And Be Humble with Catherine Chloe Olivia

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Catherine Chloe Olivia to learn five random facts about herself and what new projects she has in store for 2022. Check out my interview with Catherine below:

Loryn: How would you describe your music in one sentence?

Catherine: I think the best way to describe my music style is: A creative way and truthful way to express my feelings and the messages behind it.

Loryn: Who is an influencer you'd love to collaborate with in the future?

Catherine: I would LOVE to collab with Nailea and Larray also Riley, Charli, Avani, Dixie… the “iconic Tiktok squad” I would also LOVE to collab with Piper Rockefeller and the squad also GoatFam La.. there TOO MANY to name about because they’re SO MANY amazing influencers out there, and it will be pleasure to collab with any of them. But if it’s for Singer and Celebrities, will definitely be Olivia Rodrigo or Madison Beer.

Loryn: What lesson has the entertainment industry taught you?

Catherine: Humble and Hard Working. I learned and found out when I joined this industry, there’re so many amazing influencers, Singers, and others in this industry, if I want to be as amazing as them, I HAVE to put in 200% more and work harder and never give up to have chance to be a success and pursuing my dream. The other thing I learn is to be Humble to everyone, always, and be kind.

Loryn: What new projects do you have in store for 2022?

Catherine: I’ve been planning to release my first ever EP, which will include some cover songs from some of my favorite artists, and a few original songs that I’ve been working on. Also we are planning to make my merch and do possibly giveaway, also New music video, and so many more!! And if we can start travel in 2022(hopefully) we are planning to go to NYC and LA, so many new YOUTUBE and Instagram content will come!!! Stay tuned!!

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Catherine: I think besides the fact I LOVE animals, pigs, and penguins, maybe my height lol. there are so many times when people met me in real life for the first time they’d be super surprised about my height, which is 5’9 or 10(177-178cm) Also maybe… since I was 9or 10 I started to do all the social media, contacting brands and other things all by myself till now without any rep or agency help me, I mean my parents support me but they have no idea about these things so I begin to learn by myself since a young age.

Be sure to stay updated with Catherine Chole Olivia by following her on her social media platforms below:

FB: @catherinechloeolivia

IG: @catherine_official_account

TikTok: catherinechloeolivia

YT: Catherine Chloe Lin -Olivia

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