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Learn How To Use Your Gift with Leonard Dozier

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Leonard Dozier to learn five random facts about himself and what projects he has in store for 2022. Check out my interview with Leonard below:

Loryn: What projects do you have in store for 2022?

Leonard: I'm certainly hoping for a better 2022.2021 was amazing in many ways but major surgery and the continued effects of the pandemic certainly reared their ugly heads at times. In 2022, I'm looking to build off of the momentum of two chart-topping Smooth Jazz singles in 2021 ("Sheltered In With You" and "Christmas Kind of Way") with the completion of my new album. Finishing up a new book, a memoir titled "The Tears I Cry" and likely launching an eponymous podcast as well. My voice over work will continue for such clients as NFL Films, Fox Sports, Nascar, NJ Tourism, and more just to name a few. Coming off a recent Society of Voice Arts and Sciences nomination for "Outstanding Body of Work in a Career" I expect it to be a busy VO year. Finally, I expect to be back to live performing musically and in theater. A couple of projects are already underway.

Loryn: How has the pandemic changed you?

Leonard: Wow! Well, I learned how introverted and introspective I truly am. I am much more hardwired for a pandemic than the average person because of these qualities. I'm a loner by nature. In the bigger scheme of things, my youngest of two daughters lost her mother to Covid at merely 47 years old. Bearing witness to her trauma and processing that with a number of people who were lost to Covid has made me much more actively conscious of my mortality and even eternity. It's not the easiest way to live life but there is great liberation in it as well.

Loryn: How would you describe this year for yourself in one sentence?

Leonard: Forward motion leads to forward motion.

Loryn: What lesson has the entertainment industry taught you?

Leonard: It has taught me to care less about "entertaining." That's not my focus. My success has been a result of a conscious choice to use my gifts to make a difference. If people are entertained in the process...that's a bonus.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Leonard: I often think of being a pastor or perhaps running for governor someday. Totally opposite sides of the fence but I have a past with both religion and politics. I'm probably, in truth, too candid for both.

Be sure to stay updated with Leonard Dozier by checking out his website: Be sure to follow him on his social media platforms:

FB: @leonard.dozier1

IG: official_leonarddozier

YT: Leonard Dozier

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