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Learn How To Understand Every Side of The Story With Chloe Breen

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Chloe Breen to learn five random facts about herself, and what lesson has she learned from being an actress. Check out my interview with Chloe below:

Loryn: What is a lesson you've learned from being an actress?

Chloe: The biggest lesson I have learned is understanding every side of the story even if you really don’t want to. I have played so many roles where I completely disagree with what my character is doing, but I still have to play her. When I am being someone else in a movie or TV show, I want to completely understand their story to find out their motives and where they are coming from in certain moments. Empathy has really changed my entire outlook on life because I have been able to find empathy with my characters, and tell their stories the best that I can. I have also been able to use empathy in my everyday life to understand where other people are coming from. I no longer get upset with my friends or family when they do something that I don’t agree with, or I don’t like because I can now start to see through their eyes why they did what they did, and therefore it makes it much easier going into a conversation with them to talk about the issue because I’m much more understanding and calm, and I can share my side or opinion better.

Loryn: What advice do you have for those who are currently trying to become an actor?

Chloe: For those who are trying to get into this career I would say, don’t listen to the negatives. There are going to be so many people in this industry who tell you that you can’t do it, or you aren’t pretty enough, skinny enough (although, thankfully that seems to be changing!). People are going to tell you that this industry will break you down because it’s a “thankless” job, but just have fun with it. Don’t come into this industry trying to be famous because that is where the job can get tedious and hard. Come into this knowing that the film industry is your passion. There is no greater place to be everyday than where you love to be. If you enjoy it, you will succeed and be extremely happy. You will find the things that other people get bored by exciting! Keep that head up, and know that you are entering an exciting world!

Loryn: What actress or actor would you love to work with?

Chloe: I would love to work with Soairse Ronan because I think she is the most incredible actor and I would love to see what she is like on set. I think that just from watching her, and the way she moves I could learn so much about professionalism and the art of crafting a character. I love every role she’s ever played. Everytime I watch her on the screen I get goosebumps because I believe what she is saying so much, and it impacts the movie for me in an inspiring way. Lovely Bones was the first movie I ever watched her in, and to this day I still can’t watch it again because it freaked me out so much, because she told that story so sincerely. I couldn’t believe she was acting.

Loryn: What is a goal you hope to accomplish in the second half of this year?

Chloe: One goal I would like to accomplish in this second half of the year is to work on bigger projects than I currently am on. I have worked on so many incredible projects with so many incredible people, and I just want to continue to grow and succeed with them, and meet more people and work on bigger and more higher budget movies and shows! I am currently in New York working as a Production Coordinator Assistant on a film with a couple of actors who I have loved since I was a kid, and this job has been tough, and I’ve had to put in some very long days, but I love every second of it, and it’s bringing me closer and closer to a bigger career and better future in this industry! After this project is over I'll head back to LA, but I can definitely see myself coming back to work on more projects in New York in the future after meeting all these incredible and talented filmmakers!

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Chloe: I think one thing that shocks a few people when they find out is that I was literally born knowing what I wanted to do. The second I could walk I was performing and the second I could talk I was acting. I have never once had any interest in doing anything other than acting. I have always watched people on TV and said “that’s what I’m gonna be doing one day.” A lot of people thought I would change my mind once I got older, but I just got more and more into it all. My first performance was when I was four at my religion school, and I was the lead, Virgin Mary. After that, I was doing everything I could to be back on the stage, or in front of a camera. I have never had a plan B and I will never have a plan B, because I’m not in this industry trying to be famous or extremely wealthy. I’m here to tell stories as true as I possibly can. I’m here to inspire people and make them feel like they will never have to go through anything alone. Movies and TV shows impact people's lives in specific ways that only art can. It’s a beautiful and extraordinary job that I have always loved and will always be apart. This industry is full of heroes who save lives everyday just from telling a story. I want to be someone who does that.

Be sure to stay updated with Chloe Breen by connecting with her on instagram: @chloe_liz27

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