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Learn How To Raise Each Other Up with Evanthia Theodorou

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Evanthia Theodorou to learn five random facts about herself and the story behind her song The Deep End. Check out my interview with Evanthia Theodoru.

Loryn: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Evanthia: I am still learning so much about the industry. I don't think anything needs changing, rather, I think that with anything, we should be able to evolve without judgment. I love watching artists support each other and raise each other up. That's what it's all about. There is so much talent out there, and it is so amazing when the support is reciprocated.

Loryn: If you could open for any artist who would it be?

Evanthia: There are so many artists that I would love to open for. The ones right now that would be so fun would be Cody Johnson or Zach Brown Band. They have so much wisdom in the industry. I feel like I would learn so much from them, and it would help me grow so much as an artist.

Loryn: How would you describe your music in one word?

Evanthia: Authentic

Loryn: What is the story behind your song "The Deep End"?

Evanthia: This song is about falling for someone. It's about wondering if the feeling is reciprocated or not. It's trying to find out what a relationship means to each other without putting an official label on it. Do I think the relationship should go a certain way, or is it a fairy tale I have made up in my mind.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Evanthia: I love boxing and Krav Maga. I have been training in martial arts for a couple of years now. It is such an empowering feeling to know how to protect myself. It is such a great tool for all to know. And the workout that goes along with it is crazy good.

Be sure to check out Evanthia Theodorou's website and follow her on her social media platforms:

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