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Learn How To Pour Love Into Yourself With Austin Gage

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Austin Gage to learn five random facts about himself and what lesson has he learned from being in the entertainment industry. Check out my interview with Austin Gage below:

Loryn: What was your biggest takeaway from moving into the unknown for the first time?

Austin: My biggest takeaway from moving is that all of life is ever-changing and all I need is the courage to enact change, change myself, and be the change Courage is who I am. Fear is the disbelief in myself. I've learned that love drives out all fear, so when I fear the unknown, I just pour more love into my life. I've moved quite a bit in Los Angeles, 7ish times in 3.5 years, and every new move has been better than the last. I'm just grateful to be alive to be able to move and have the freedom to do so.

Loryn: What do you think is the biggest misconception when it comes to poets?

Austin: I just think a lot of poets are misunderstood. Words have power, influence, and impact. I remember writing professors teaching us that poetry never sells. We see that changing. I'm glad to see more poets get the recognition they deserve.

Loryn: What projects do you hope to accomplish next quarter?

Austin: I hope to have my third poetry book written by the end of 2021; it would be the third in the series.

Loryn: What lesson did the pandemic teach you?

Austin: The pandemic taught me the importance of gratitude. Each day, I thank God for another day. I've seen how everything can be taken away in a flash: health, success, wealth, security, etc. and what matters most is my relationships. Human beings matter more than things. I enjoy every moment now because I am blessed. Life itself is worthy of celebration. The lockdown slowed me down to reflect and learn self-love. I have so much love to give and I'm excited to fulfill my purpose.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Austin: Something surprising about me is I was either going to be a pastor or actor, but acting has been my ministry.

Be sure to stay updated with Austin Gage by following him on his social media platforms below:

IG: @iamaustingage

YT: Austin Gage

TW: @imaustingage

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