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Learn How To Never Give Up On Your Dream with Kylie Montigney

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Kylie Montigney to learn five random facts about herself and what was her inspiration for creating the Talk Of Fame podcast. Check out my interview with Kylie below:

Loryn: If you had the world's attention for one minute what would you say or do?

Kylie: If I had the world's attention for one minute I would say never give up on your dreams because you will achieve them, you may feel like you will never achieve it, but you will be patient!

Loryn: How has the pandemic changed you?

Kylie: The pandemic really taught me to slow down and relax! I am always taking too many responsibilities at once and make my self-overwhelmed! The last two years have taught me to relax and enjoy living with my Family & Friends and do the things I enjoy doing in everyday life.

Loryn: Who is a guest you'd love to have on your podcast?

Kylie: I really hope I could do an episode with Geena Davis, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Kate Walsh because they are amazing at what they do and things they do outside of the Acting world inspire me so much and is something I would love to talk to them about.

Loryn: What was your inspiration for creating Talk Of Fame podcast?

Kylie: Yeah So, I grew up with two of my cousins being journalists for my local news station and I grew up being really close to one of them and I looked up to her so much and I wanted to do whatever she did. Also, when I will be at family events people will always mention to me that I will be a great journalist since I knew everything about sports and the industry. It went on for about two years that my family was mentioning it to me, but it wasn't intel the pandemic hit that it hit me that I would be good at it, and I should try it. So, in April 2021 I started my podcast Talk of Fame where I interview Athletes and people in the industry to inspire younger generations that they can be anything they dream of and there are people like them.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Kylie: A thing people will be surprised about me is that I want to be in politics one day. I want to help change things around the world and to get equal roles for women in the industry and get them more opportunities!

Be sure to stay updated with Kylie Montigney by checking out the Talk Of Fame podcast on

IG: officialkyliemontigney

IG: talk_of_fame

YT: Talk of Fame Podcast

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