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Learn How To Love with Joanna Romero

I recently had the opportunity to executively interview Joanna Romero to learn five random facts about herself and what inspired her to become an actress. Check out my interview with Joanna below.

Loryn: What projects do you have in store for the rest of 2022?

Joanna: Well, I actually have a few very exciting projects coming up! The first is Rainbow Ring, a new Off-Broadway Musical where I’ll be playing the Gypsy/Ms. Garcia. I’m particularly excited about playing the Gypsy because she’s exactly the type of atypical role that I got into theatre for. We’re planning on opening at beginning of May.

The second project is a Web-Series called Come Together, where I’m playing the role of a caregiver called Melody. She’s the complete opposite of me which is quite fun to play.

Another project to come is a short film called The Witching. I’m playing the role of a witch called Carla. We start shooting this upcoming December.

As you can see, a lot of fun projects are on the way!

Loryn: What inspired you to be an actress?

Joanna: I’ve tried many times to answer this question. Although I feel passion, I can’t quite put my finger on what drives it. The closest I’ve come to understand it is to see it as we inherit human need to connect. When you act, you connect with your character, the characters around you, the actors around you, and your audience. Regardless of this connection being made via rage, love, or sorrow, we feel all these people close to us. Acting is connection at its Everest.

Loryn: What current film inspires you?

Joanna: I consider myself a huge film fan. I try to watch as many movies as I possibly can, so this question was a hard one. Recently I watched Worst Person in the World. I must admit this was my favorite movie of the year. The plot is simple. It's simply the portrayal of a character’s life in a specific moment and time. There was no need for huge twists or turns: life is complicated enough, and this movie showed it. Something about the way the story was told, was annoyable relatable. We’re constantly struck by moments we believe are unique and by feelings, we think we are virgins too. But the reality is, life is more cyclical than we want to believe it is. I like this movie because it was real.

Loryn: What lesson has theater taught you so far?

Joanna: There are 2 sides to this question. The first is what the stage has taught me: how to sympathize by not only listening but also by embodying, the importance of feeling passion in your life, and the depth that art can reach beyond that of any other area.

The other side of this question is what the industry has taught me. Dreams are fun and games until you’re trying to make them happen. It’s hard, there’s no way around it. So, above all, the industry has taught me, that it is not enough to love the end of the journey when success is achieved. You must learn to love -because it’s definitely something you need to learn- the journey itself.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Joanna: That I have OCD! Every time I leave my apartment, I freak out thinking I left the stove or hair straightener on… annoying right? Everybody who knows me finds it surprising because I tend to be quite spontaneous, extroverted, and confident. But somehow, the hair straightener destabilizes me completely…

Be sure to stay updated with Joanna Romero by checking out her website: Also, be sure to follow her on social media:

IG: joannaromerocher

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