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Learn How To Listen with Megan Graney

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Megan Graney to learn five random facts about herself and learn the story behind her new single "Waves". Check out my interview with Megan below:

Loryn: What is the story behind your single "Waves"?

Megan: The story behind my single “Waves” focuses on the journey of grief and how it changes as time goes by after losing someone. It was released in late August and has become an anthem for cathartic release. My Co-writer, Mitchell Haeuszer, and I wrote it after my father passed away in 2020. Since then, my music has sparked many conversations about resiliency and alchemizing grief into hope. I am so grateful this song has helped soothe the continued pain for anyone who has lost a loved one. The self-critic voice melted away when I accepted this song has a greater purpose outside of myself. Such a permanent event, and universal topic, deserves more light and understanding through our shared vulnerability.

Loryn: What lesson has the jazz community taught you?

Megan: The biggest lesson the jazz community has taught me is how to listen. Jazz has more fluidity with improvised changes between the instrumentalists and vocalist. It’s definitely an exercise in presence. When I was younger, I would get caught up in my own ego and wouldn’t allow space to trade solos with the band. It’s way more fun to play when you’re tuned in to everyone’s support for each other. It forced me to truly listen for the baton getting passed between each player. Anytime I’ve sat in with a band, there’s a level of grace involved so everyone gets featured solo time. The jazz community is incredibly humbling to step into. Great listening skills help you adapt to constant change and heightens your awareness within the music.

Loryn: What is a song that is currently on repeat?

Megan: A song that is currently on repeat is Coldplay’s ‘Higher Power’. Somehow I completely missed when this groovy bop was released. This song makes me feel incredibly uplifted and empowered. I deeply appreciate artists that create infectious positivity through their music. The lyrics touch on how we’re all connected to something greater than ourselves. That message resonates with me on so many levels. ‘Higher Power’ is groovy and full of depth. A win-win for me.

Loryn: How has the pandemic changed you?

Megan: The pandemic changed me in many ways, for the better. Not to say the process hasn’t been difficult. The last two years have been incredibly transformative and full of relentless challenges. Now more than ever, we are collectively facing our own values and questioning our quality of life. After my dad passed away, it really forced me to look at my own life. It’s given me piercing focus on: what gives me joy and how to share my gifts as an act of service. Ultimately, it’s allowed me to tap into a purpose larger than myself. These changes have gotten me deeply connected to my artistry. I’m creating music that’s intended to help people heal. I’ve never been more hopeful that together, we can collectively transmute pain into compassion and understanding.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Megan: Something people would be surprised to learn about me is I used to have a terrible case of stage fright, which remained into my early adulthood. My parents were incredibly supportive of my love for music and singing. They were my steady voice of encouragement. Like many artists, I had crippling self-doubt. Hence why I was too nervous to sing in public alone. This is why I heavily gravitated towards group singing - in choir. Private vocal lessons helped me combat feelings of self-consciousness in captivating an audience. My choral teachers provided a haven for me to express myself, especially when I was learning how to connect with my body. To my benefit, growing up in choir is how I’ve been able to arrange lush harmonies into my own songs. Much of my suppressed fear is what held me back in being brave enough to openly share my story through songwriting.

Be sure to stay updated with Megan Graney by checking out her social media platforms below:

IG: @megan.graney

YT: @Megan Graney

FB: @MeganGraneyMusic

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