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Learn How To Just Start with Fiona Frills

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview FionaFrills to learn five random facts about herself and what was her inspiration for your beauty Brand Frilliance. Check out my full interview with Fiona Frills below:

Loryn: What Store would you love to see Frilliance in?

Fiona: I would love to see Frilliance in CVS, Target, and Ulta. My brand is now in Walmart.

Loryn: What advice do you have for aspiring teen entrepreneurs?

Fiona: Start! A lot of people hesitate and don’t feel like it is the correct time, not the right day or year. Don’t push it off, just start the process even if the step is small.

Loryn: What was the inspiration for your beauty Brand Frilliance?

Fiona: I was filling a need for myself and my friends. I struggled so much with acne and rashes, I had severe skin issues. I wanted to help teens because I feel like many brands target adults or kids, leaving teens in the dust. My goal was to help teens build self-confidence by loving their skin. High school can be hard on self-confidence so Frilliance was a way to combat that.

Loryn: What is something that would surprise us about being a teen entrepreneur?

Fiona: I think the amount of random work is surprising. Somedays I focus on one thing and the next day I am focused on something completely different. You go a bit crazy in the best way being all over the place in this creative business world. I learn many little skills.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Fiona: I can juggle. I learned this while doing vision therapy, my eye therapist told me to juggle. I can juggle three balls, potentially four.

Be sure to stay updated with Fiona Frills by checking out her beauty product, and follow her on her social media platform:

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