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Learn How To Have Gratitude And Appreciation with Matt Paul

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Matt Paul to learn five random facts about himself and how the pandemic has changed him. Check out my interview with Matt below:

Loryn: What's the story behind your single Locked & Loaded?

Matt: Locked & Loaded, like most of my songs, is based on a true story. The song is about trying to get back together with a girl who I had previously broken up with. It’s the classic case of wanting something that you no longer have. After we had gone our separate ways, I remember thinking about her more and more all of the time. It was driving me crazy! I was texting her and calling her months later, trying to win her back. She expressed to me that she had already moved on, but I was persistent in telling her that the guy she was currently dating had nothing on me still. We ended up getting back together briefly, but things ultimately didn’t work out. We’re still on good terms and talk every once in a while. She’s very supportive of my music and is proud of how far I’ve come, which is awesome! I ended up writing “Locked & Loaded” based on that whole experience and was able to use the emotions I felt to fuel the lyrics. The song is essentially a reflection of that relationship.

Loryn: How has the pandemic changed you?

Matt: On a broader scale, the pandemic has taught me both gratitude and appreciation. I am so blessed for my health, family and friends, and the life I was given. The pandemic really opened my eyes to inequality and injustice. So many people lost so much in the pandemic and it was really disheartening to see what the world has gone through. I hope to one day be able to make enough money through music so that I’m able to give back to charitable causes that I’m passionate about. In terms of music, the pandemic uprooted and completely changed the way that I recorded music. Before the pandemic, I was recording in studios throughout Hollywood. Once the stay-at-home order was enacted, I knew I had to make a change. I began purchasing equipment and was fortunate enough to turn a room in my apartment into a home recording studio. Recording from home was definitely a big change for me, but I made the best of it and have really come to appreciate the songs I created during that time!

Loryn: What is a song you currently have on repeat?

Matt: I currently have all of Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boy on repeat! I think it’s one of his best albums. I’m also really feeling the songs “Memories” by Ty Dolla $ign and “OG Heartthrob” by Majid Jordan right now as well!

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Matt: I think people would be surprised to know that I only started officially singing last year! I’ve come a long way since I released my first single “Summer” in the beginning of 2020. I recorded it right before the pandemic began. People were really feeling the vibe and it was getting a lot of positive feedback, so I decided to run with becoming a pop singer from there on out! Before becoming a pop singer, I was rapping and DJ’ing. I was also briefly a part of a band. Singing really has taken off for me though, and I’m very excited to see how far this journey takes me!

Be sure to stay updated with Matt Paul by checking out his social media platforms below:

IG: @mattpaulofficial

FB: @mattpaulmusicpage

TW: @matthewryanpaul

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