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Learn How To Have Fun with JP Malheiro

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview JP Malheiro to learn five random facts about himself and what inspired him to become an actor. Check out my full interview with JP Malheiro below:

Loryn: Who is an actor or actress you'd like to work with in the future?

JP: I'd like to work with Ben Shwartz since he is my favorite actor and my favorite character in my favorite movie Sonic the Hedgehog. He was also coincidentally a character on my favorite show, Modern Family.

Loryn: What was your experience like being on the set of the highly anticipated Apple series "Extrapolations"?

JP: The experience was crazy. And it was ridiculous taking it all in at once. When I first walked in, I just thought, "ok; this is a lot," because I saw sets, huge machines building sets, these huge cameras; it was insane. I can't really describe it. It was different to pretend to be someone else in this newly created environment.

Loryn: What inspired you to become an actor?

JP: I can't say one specific thing that really inspired me to become an actor. I sort of transitioned from being a YouTuber to being an actor. I was a YouTuber for like three weeks, and now I've been an actor for four years, and I like it more than being a YouTuber.

Loryn: If you had a magic wand, what movie or tv show would you love to be a part of next?

JP: If Modern Family were still making episodes, I would say that. But since it isn't, I'm going to say Sonic 3 because I know shadows will be in it, and it's going to be CRAZY!!! So if I were in that movie, I'd feel so accomplished.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

JP: People would be surprised to learn that I rap for fun. Nobody would expect that from me since it doesn't match my personality. Although I guess I'm good at it since I was selected in my music class to perform this week. Wish me luck!

Be sure to follow Joaopaulo Malheiro on IG: @real_jpmalheiro

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