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Learn How To Get The Best With Helena Geraci

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Helena Geraci to learn five random facts about herself, and how she prepares for an auditions. Check out my interview with Helena below:

Loryn: What's a goal you hope to achieve in the second half of this year?

Helena: As a foreign actress currently living in Los Angeles and exploring the American scene here, my goals for the second half of this year is to get my artistic visa (O1), that will allow me to work professionally in the acting field and to get talent representation. I believe that these two achievements together will really make a difference in my acting career and will boost my opportunities of working on bigger projects in the film industry.

Loryn: What lesson did you learn from the global pandemic?

Helena: That the more you are flexible and adaptable the better you’ll succeed. The pandemic really taught us a lesson: that we should not give anything for granted, that anything can change from one day to another and that we have to be ready and adaptable to change. I feel that my ability to wear many hats in the past, both in my professional and private life, helped me a lot in this circumstance. Always be ready to get the best out of any situation and to find some advantages in it. For example, this pandemic helped me to work on my technical skills when it comes to recording a self-tape. I became quite good at working with the camera, the lighting and the set-up, something that before the pandemic I wasn’t necessarily a master of.

Loryn: If you could be mentored by anyone in your industry who would it be?

Helena: I’ll go for a classic…Michael Caine. He has been in this industry for decades, he saw it all and played it all. I am sure that at this stage of his career he could give me some amazing advice, both theoretical and practical. I recently read his book “Blowing the bloody doors off” and I found so many great takeaways, both acting and life related, like any other book about acting before. His experience on stage and behind the camera is extremely valuable and I believe I would learn so much even by talking to him for just an hour!

Loryn: What inspired you to become an actress?

Helena: I don’t come from a family of artists so I wouldn’t say that it came from some experiences related to my relatives. I would say that I have always had a passion for storytelling. When I was a kid I devoured books and I loved to listen to stories and fairy tales. Then, when I was 9 or 10 years old I started organizing small theatrical shows with the other kids of my neighbourhood. I would organize the entire event, inviting people, creating the schedule, organizing the rehearsals and putting the show together. There I realized that I really liked to tell stories and to communicate something to others. I think my inner creativity, my love for communication and my desire to wanting to be related to others through emotions got me there.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Helena: A lot of people who don’t know me that much always see the sweet, nice girl next door and they can’t imagine I could have a pretty strong and fiery character sometimes. I like to stand for what I believe and I am not afraid to speak up, even when it requires having difficult conversations and confrontation with others, of course always as much respectful as possible. Another thing that people don’t know at first is that I am extremely stubborn. If an idea gets in my mind, I must do it, even if it requires a lot of challenges to get it. My acting journey is a clear example of it. I have been an actress in Italy for some years and I am now working towards my goal to be a working actress in US, I am confident that my stubbornness and determination will make me succeed.

Be sure to stay updated with Helena Geraci by checking out her website: . Be sure to follow her on IG: @helenofsicily

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