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Learn How To Focus On Building Your Career with Jermel Wilson

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Jermel Wilson to learn five random facts about himself and what inspired him to be a part of Five Stars and We Own This City. Check out my interview with Jermel below:

Loryn: When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?

Jermel: To be honest I'm either working out my choices and committing to them and when not doing that I'm looking for more work, because as an actor once you complete your job if you don't have another job lined up you're employed till you're booked again.

Loryn: What inspired you to be a part of some of your latest projects: Five Stars and We Own This City?

Jermel: Five Stars was a project I did a few years ago. It was short. I filmed 2017 I was filming around the same time I just finished filming my TV Series Bronx SIU where I played an Undercover Detective Manuel Gonzolaz. I chose Five Stars because Director Marvin was hungry. He had a great story and we as actors want Directors and Producers to take Chances on us so we have to take chances on them. We OwnThis City was a referral and I no-brainer my bro King Carter got booked for stunts and referred me and once they saw I was a stunt performer that's also a trained actor it went from stunt role to a stunt acting role. That whole cast and crew, the ones I worked with anyway, were some great people. I'm also part of another great project called Chaaw that's also being released this year it's with the Lat great Biz Markie in his last film role, at also hs Big Daddy Kane, Ben Nadette Stanis, and Ralph Carter from Goodtimes fame, Traci Braxton and TV & Film vet Richard Lawson. I can't say too much about it but it's definitely an impactful film.

Loryn: You have already been able to work with some impressive names so far in your career. Is there anyone you would love to work with someday?

Jermel: I would love to finally book an Episode of Law & Order but in a role that could change the tone of the show, I also would love to play Ben Grimm in the Fantastic Four reboot. I think if they would make that character black it would make more sense. As far as names, I would love to work with Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washinton, Samuel Jackson, Stallone and Arnold, 50 Cent, Ice Cube. I wouldn't mind Tyler Perry, Will Packer, Antoine Fuqua, Malcolm D. Lee

Loryn: What lesson has the entertainment industry taught you?

Jermel: Always remember your quality of No, you don't have to take everything offered to you, be selective and it's not about quantity it's about quality. Don' Chase fame, focus on building your career.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Jermel: I'm also a rapper. I'm working on releasing my first album by spring, I'm a screenwriter that have my own production company with my business partner Alysha Wright called Focus Mindz Entertainment. It's a company that focuses (no pun intended )on Film, TV, and Music. I also do stand-up comedy I performed at Carolines on Broadway Twice. I'm going to start back working out my material by the summertime.

Be sure to stay updated with Jermel Wilson by checking out his website: Also be sure to follow him on IG: @actorjermelwilson

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