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Learn How To Find Your Own Path with The Southern Gothic

I had the opportunity to exclusively interview The Southern Gothic to learn five random facts about them and the story behind their latest song Up On Your Love. Check out my interview with The Southern Gothic below:

Loryn: How would y'all describe y'all music in one sentence?

The Southern Gothic : It ain't really folk and it ain't quite country, it's not just rock n roll, we're what you call a Y'allternative.

Loryn: What is the story behind y'all song 'Up On Your Love'?

The Southern Gothic: UpOn came when I was attending a songwriter's retreat in the Arizona mountains a couple of years back. We were at a campfire and our friend and songwriter extraordinaire TJ Box was flitting from one group to another, chatting and joking and Russ started calling her "Hummingbird". The next morning, several of us were up at 0700 (don't worry, it's 9am Nashville time) on the deck, watching the sun come up over the mountains. Russell Sutton ("My Boy" Elvie Shane) and Andrew Rollins ("This Town" Charles Esteen) started fiddling with a Medley and I jumped in with Kelly Walls and we got right to it. TJ walked past our window singing something from her writing that morning, which led to the line "You're like a hummingbird singing a song outside of the window" and the chorus was born. It was chasing a boulder downhill after that!

Loryn: What lesson has the music industry taught y'all so far?

The Southern Gothic: The industry has taught us that there are no guarantees, and there is no right way to do things. Finding your own path and making choices you can live with long term are what really matter.

Loryn: What is something new y'all learned about each other while on tour?

The Southern Gothic: HA! We've been touring together since 2010 (Connor, Shawn on the road together since 2004!) so we know a whole lot about one another. I remember a night in Charlotte when we were in the green room before the show and Quinn sat down next to me and drew this really realistic scene in a notebook in like 10 min. I didn't know he could draw. We grew up together, learned what we could (and couldn't) handle, tested our limits together, and came out stronger on the other side.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about y'all?

The Southern Gothic: I'd say people might be surprised to learn about:

Connor - his first record deal was as a hip-hop artist, signed to Arista/Wish records by TLC singer Lisa Lopez. After her untimely passing the album ended up getting shelved, but if you search hard enough there are some songs you can find out there

Shawn - if you've never met him you wouldn't know he's a master carpenter and one of the kindest humans you'll ever meet

Quinn - is a producer and multi-instrumentalist, and plays most of the guitar on the records, as well as the bass he plays onstage. He graduated from Belmost university as a Percussion major and played drums for Charlie Worhsam among others through the years. He's also the son of famed 70s singer/songwriter Dave Loggins (Please Come to Boston)

Kyle - has perfect pitch and can play just about any instrument you give him. Kyle does at least 2 tours to military bases a year, mostly in the middle east

Be sure to stay updated with TheSouthernGothic: Also, be sure to follow them on their social media profiles:

IG: thesoutherngothic

FB: The Southern Gothic

YT: The Southern Gothic

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