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Learn How To Fail Forward With Jamisa Mclvor- Bennett

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Jamisa Mclvor-Bennett to learn five random facts about herself, and what advice she'd give those interested creating their own business. Check out my interview with Jamisa below:

Loryn: What have you've learned about yourself during the pandemic?

Jamisa: I have learned that resources are more important than money. The pandemic was a time where limited resources were available to people, and that hurt them more than a lack of money. It showed me how resourceful I actually was, and being resourceful allowed me to help over a hundred families during the pandemic by providing housing, food and information to help them to make money during the difficult time.

Loryn: What advice would you give those interested in creating their own business?

Jamisa: I would say the best way to do it, is simply just to do it! You must be comfortable with failing forward, especially during a time of venturing into an unfamiliar environment. When making the transition to becoming an entrepreneur, you must be okay with making mistakes.. and using them to help you grow. You have to start how you want to finish! Do not rush the process, nothing stable can be built on crappy foundation. Take your time! Think of exactly how you want your business to be, and then build it out as such. Create systems, and structures that are easy to follow so that your business can be run successfully in your absence.

Loryn: What has been the challenging part about being a real estate investor?

Jamisa: My biggest challenge was not being fully prepared for my success. When I learned the strategy of purchasing $1,000 investment properties, that catapulted me much quicker than I had anticipated. So, I had to learn how to delegate certain tasks so that I could be present in the growth of my portfolios and my business.

Loryn: If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?

Jamisa: I wouldn't change the world, I would change the mindset of some of the people who are in the world. I feel like social media has had such an impact on us all (both positive and negative) that it made it hard for people to find their way. I see a lot of individuals creating false expectations for themselves because they are chasing profiles (looking at influencers and attempting to mimic what they see).. but in all reality, you can not build a life for yourself based on a great post that you see from someone else!

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Jamisa: People would be surprised to know that I am very creative. Actually, there are things that I am great at that have nothing to do with real estate. For example, I am a great dancer and a lyricist! Those are a few of my hidden talents :).

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