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Learn How To Enjoy The Ride with Greg Valenti

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Greg Valenti to learn five random facts about himself and what inspired him to become an actor and model. Check out my interview with Greg below:

Loryn: What is a goal you hope to achieve before the end of the year?

Greg: This year has brought a lot of new experiences and achievements thus far and we aren’t done yet! With the two months left in this year one goal I have is to write my very own short film and start writing a feature film. They’ve always been something I’ve really wanted to do!

Loryn: What advice would you give to your future self?

Greg: Enjoy the ride and let time slow down. Life moves fast and only goes faster the older you get. Make time for those who matter most and live for the present in each and every moment. P.S. Future me, I’m glad we were able to make our dreams come true ;)

Loryn: What inspired you to become an actor and model?

Greg: Ever since I was a kid I have always loved movies and tv shows. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were my go to every time my parents and I went to Blockbuster or the local library. During recess, I would imagine myself as one of my idols going on an adventure in the playground. As I got older, I started to make movies with my friends. We had such a blast writing our own stories and filming them. When I was 16, we actually made a comedic feature film called “Death Ball.” At 18 we started the production of another comedy titled “Comrades” which was sadly never finished, but we all cherished the memories we made and the fun we had doing it. They are lost files so if anyone has a copy anywhere, send it my way! However, I never thought of acting as a career until I was older and the curiosity I had for it sparked a newfound interest. I have always been searching for my purpose in life and although God has blessed me with multiple talents and I have been successful in other areas of my life, I never have felt more destined for anything than when I am acting and get to have fun feeling like a kid again.

Loryn: How has the pandemic changed you?

Greg: The pandemic has allowed me to evaluate my life in more ways than one. I’ve been really reflective of the relationships I have with people, in terms of who is really there for the long haul versus who may just be a friend for a season in my life. It has also made me fully commit to becoming a better actor. With the pandemic shutting essentially everything down temporarily, I needed to continue to study with my acting coach and classmates now more than ever, since there was no human interaction going on anywhere. My relationship with my wife Emily grew stronger as for months all we had was each other to get through the isolation and did not see any family as we didn’t want to potentially get anyone sick. We also welcomed our puppy Henry into our lives and we couldn’t be more grateful to call him family. I also discovered the value of self-care and how important it is in life to make sure you are good emotionally, physically, and mentally as this will lead to the best version of yourself. Most of all, the pandemic continued to grow my values of family and how time spent with them should never be taken for granted because you will have the last day with everyone in your life, but you’ll never know when that will be.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Greg: Hmm. This is a tough one because I feel like I am very much an open book. Something surprising about me is that I went to dance school as a kid. My mom enrolled my two brothers and I in dance school pretty much as soon as we could walk and I continued dancing into Elementary School. Although I didn’t continue with dance after Middle School, I did get to show off some moves in High School when I would do “Battle of the Grades” week where we did Lip Sync choreography segments against the other grades. I still dance or try to, according to my friends and wife. Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch me on the dance floor in a town near you!

Be sure to stay updated with Greg by following him on IG: gregvalentiofficial

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