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Learn How To Better Balance Basketball with Govinda Patterson

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Govinda Patterson about five random facts about himself, what inspired him to create Better Balance Basketball Technique. Plus what's something not many people know about him. Check out my interview with Govinda Patterson below:

Loryn: Can your Better Balance Basketball techniques be taught to all athletes ?

Govinda: Yes. My techniques will help any athlete that plays a contact sport. It is the most balanced way to move and control your opponents balance without fouling. The same principles of balance apply to all contact sports: They will help football, soccer, basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts, rugby, lacrosse, and many more. Athletes gain significant advantages over bigger, stronger and faster opponents by utilizing S.L.A.M.(Space, Leverage, Angles, and Momentum) to force an opponent off balance without fouling.

Loryn: Would you recommend this technique to those athletes who were just drafted to the team?

Govinda: I would recommend these techniques both for players recently drafted as well as veterans; they are the most effective and efficient way to play. These techniques help to prevent injuries, conserve energy and can truly extend a players career. Once the better balanced fundamentals have been learned, today’s basic fundamentals are illogical. In many ways today’s basic fundamentals force players into unbalanced positions, waste energy and cause unnecessary injuries.

Loryn: How do you plan to go about sharing your Better Balance Basketball Technique for future athletes?

Govinda: I plan on sharing my techniques with the world shortly after I prove them in the NBA. I believe that they will change the basic fundamentals of how the world plays contact sports. I plan to share videos and a book online in the future. I will also teach a group of coaches to teach my techniques around the world.

Loryn: What inspired you to create this Better Balance Basketball Technique?

Govinda: What inspired me to create these techniques was my love of martial arts, basketball and my severe back injury. After I injured my back at age 21, I could no longer play without severe pain, so I tried combining my martial arts footwork with basketball to gain leverage in the post and prevent injuries. The techniques grew quickly and I soon applied the same principles of balance to every aspect of basketball and other contact sports.

Loryn: What is something not many people know about you?

Govinda: Something people don’t know about me is that have a green thumb. I love to grow my own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Stay updated with Govinda Patterson by following him on Twtter: @govindapatterso. Contact with him on Linkedin under: Govinda Patterson .

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