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Learn How To Be Present Before Reacting with Ola Normelli

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Ola Normelli to learn five random facts about himself and learn what he would say if he'd have the world's attention for a minute. Check out my interview with Ola below:

Loryn: When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?

Ola: Depending on the kind of production, I either close my eyes and breathe meditatively or keep the steam up via another cup of black coffee and bad dad jokes.

Loryn: If you had the world's attention for one minute what would say or do?

Ola: I would plan long ahead and put all my time and energy into finding the perfect words, only to end up saying something basic (and hopefully semi-wise) like “Take a breath and be present before reacting. Avoid stress and keep it simple. Also...get my new book 'The Sole Medicine', out in 2022.”

Loryn: Who is an actor or actress you'd love to collaborate with in the future?

Ola: The first three that come to mind are Claire Danes, Bryan Cranston and Vanessa Kirby. These three have all emotionally pulled me in and knocked me over with their performances. More than once, they’ve made me forget to breathe; I’ve been too invested in the fate of their characters to risk missing the next moment. Also, they are all very inspiring to listen to and they seem to be kind people. It is a total dream to work with, and learn from, artists/human beings like them.

Loryn: How has the pandemic changed you?

Ola: The short answer is that I’ve become more eager, more focused, and more grateful. The eagerness can sometimes turn into frustration, the focus into self-isolation, and the gratitude into an emotional breakdown. The balance part is still very much a work in progress, and it might always be that way, and, if so, that’s ok.

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Ola: It depends on who’s asking, I guess. I’ve gotten a $100 royalty from singing on a Starbucks Christmas album. I used to own three big snakes. I’ve written my literary thesis on George Orwell. My apartment is mostly furnished with old stuff from my grandfather. I’ve competed in martial arts (3 W, 1 L). I can still wear my clothes from the 90’s (and I do). I’ve studied public health at university for three years (long before Covid-19). I used to watch every game Arsenal Football Club played (including live games in England, Germany, and Sweden). Also, I find a lot of things scary. Sometimes, I do them anyway. Sometimes, I don’t. I regularly hear that I’m brave for pursuing this creative and unsure lifestyle, but it’s really just following my basic urges. In fact, I’m working on doing way scarier things than I historically have been able to do. Come follow me over at!

Be sure to stay updated with Ola Normelli by checking out his website: Also be sure to follow him on IG : olanormelli

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