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Learn How To Be patience and Persistence with Hippies and Cowboys

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Hippies and Cowboys to learn five random facts about them and the story behind their song “Baby Won’t You Stop”.

Loryn: How would y'all describe y'all music in one sentence?

Hippies and Cowboys: We play Southern Rock ’n Soul, heavily influenced by Muscle Shoals & Memphis.

Loryn: Who is a brand/musician y'all love to collaborate with in the future?

Hippies and Cowboys: We are all rockers at heart, who moved to the South from the Upper Midwest and West Coast, so we brought our rock influences with us. But since we’re all rockers, Dave Grohl might be the coolest guy to jam with if we ever got the chance. That guy has done so much. I mean, most people forget he was in NIRVANA!!

Loryn: What is the story behind y'all latest song, “Baby Won’t You Stop”?

Hippies and Cowboys: We listen to so much classic soul music. Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Aretha. We’ve hung out in Memphis, played a few shows there, LOVED the Stax Records Museum, and recorded our album in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. So that music has been with us for years. I’ve been jilted by a few love interests, as we all have. Brought that idea into a writing session with our keyboardist Nolan Brown. We finished it up, rehearsed it with the band the next day, and played it that night. Not every song comes that quick, but that one did.

Loryn: What lesson has the entertainment industry taught y'all?

Hippies and Cowboys: Our drummer Scott has been around the longest. He’s been preaching ”patience and persistence” since we started this band three years ago. And it’s true, and it works!

Loryn: What is something people would be surprised to learn about y'all?

Hippies and Cowboys: We’re just trying to do it the old-school way. The way we write, the way we play, the way we treat people, the way we travel, it’s the old school way. We’re not all wrapped up in technology. We don’t play to tracks & loops, and we’re not trying to be TikTok stars. The arrangements of our songs can be different from night to night. It’s just about the moment and bringing people along with us. Hope that’s not too surprising. Isn’t that the way music oughtta be?

Be sure to stay updated with Hippies and Cowboys by checking out their website: . Also, be sure to follow them on social media platforms:

FB: @hippiesandcowboysband

IG: hippiesandcowboysband

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