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Learn How To Be Kind To People with Ben Selleck

I recently had the opportunity to exclusively interview Ben Selleck to learn five random facts about himself and the story behind his song Mayday Call. Check out my interview with Ben below:

Loryn: What is your favorite part of performing?

Ben: Without a doubt, my favourite part of performing is just the interaction with fellow musicians- I just live for the act of making music with other people.

Loryn: If you could collab on a song with any artist, who would it be and why?

Ben: This changes ALL the time but right now, I’m loving Sheryl Crow’s back catalogue(& her guitar collection too). I’ve always loved her mix of rock, soul, and country & think it’s not a million miles away from the type of music I make.

Loryn: What is the story behind your song ‘Mayday Call’?

Ben: It’s a metaphorical song that compares a breakup, to a rough plane ride - very rough. It began after the stark realization that I’d been taking my partner for granted a bit (as we all can sometimes) so I created a story about what could happen when you don’t pick up on that realization.

Loryn: What lesson has the entertainment industry taught you so far?

Ben: For me, just to be kind to people, as I try to be in everyday life. If you’re kind and honest to others, then the right people will look forward to helping you and working with you in the future.

Loryn: I’m a keyboard player for a multitude of Tribute acts including, David Bowie, The Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Pink, Queen & Elton John!

Be sure to stay updated with Ben Selleck by checking his new single" Mayday Call". Also, be sure to follow him on his social media platform below:

FB: @benselleckmusic

IG: benselleckmusic

TW: @BenSelleck

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